Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday Favourites

A few fun things to share with you today for Friday Favourites.

I ordered some new sneakers for myself from New Balance.  I wanted a pair of non-running sneakers and I couldn't decide on which one I wanted so I just got both.  I have worn the white ones this week while I've been up in Timmins and I love them, so comfy!

Speaking of Timmins, it snowed on my first morning here.   I wasn't feeling particularly in the holiday mood yet, but the appearance of some flurries slightly turned me in that direction. 

I tried going for a walk one day at lunch time but it was practically ice pellets and too cold for me to go on. I snapped this after I made the turn back to the office. 

Enjoying some local brews in Timmins this week.  Compass Brewery and Full Beard Brewing Co. are the local offerings.

Because I've been at a hotel I was able to use the treadmill in the gym and got to try out the Peloton tread and tread bootcamp workouts.  I loved Daniel, complete with heavy Irish accent, for the tread bootcamp! 

Today I get to do something exciting - visit an underground mine.  Kidd Mine is the deepest accessible non-marine point on Earth. I don't know if we will go all the way to the bottom, but I am excited nevertheless.

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  1. Those white sneakers look great and comfy. The look of fresh snow is nice...not so much ice pellets, though. Speaking of getting into the Christmas spirit, yesterday I discovered one of my favourite channels had switched to Christmas music on Sirius radio in the car! So I listened to it! Enjoy your trip down into the mine.