Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Halloween Recap

 We had lots of Halloween fun this weekend!!  Both kids wore their costumes at school on Friday, but Dave only got a photo of Q since E was quick to leave before he could pose for a photo.  Q was Toothless the dragon from How to Train your Dragon.

We had pizza night on Friday and then watched the Muppets Halloween special.  Dave and and I also watched this year's installment of spooky shows on Netflix - Midnight Mass. 

Q had gymnastics on Saturday and was allowed to wear a costume. Since his Toothless costume was pretty warm he chose Captain America since it was a lighter fabric.  We have many costumes from past years so it's great they are still getting some use!

That afternoon we tackled our pumpkin carving. 

After the pumpkins were cleaned out, I got to work on carving them.  Meanwhile the kids did some drawings from Art For Kids Hub on YouTube and made some mummy lanterns with googly eyes and masking tape.

Here are our pumpkin offerings for 2021. We usually do pumpkins to match the kids' costumes and then I like to try out a few other designs. 

For our supper I made stuffed peppers with jack o'lantern faces.

We watched Addams Family Values on Saturday night. 

I made waffles on Sunday morning with Halloween sprinkles.  Q has been waiting so long for Halloween, he was excited that it finally arrvied!

Then we went to Sunday School.  There was an outdoor activity of pumpkin painting and a neighbourhood scavenger hunt.  Nice to see some friendly faces in person!  Q wore yet another costume (Spiderman) since I didn't want to get paint on his Toothless costume.  E was dressed in his main costume and managed to avoid getting (too much) paint on it.

Using the Force

Using webs as defence. 

Then it was finally time for trick or treating.  

The kids started with our neighbourhood kids and then E went up to meet some of his school friends near the school. 

Great haul!

It felt like a pretty normal night, so happy the kids had fun!


  1. It looks like you made the most of you Halloween weekend! What fun! And your pumpkins are so great. I can't pick a favourite.

  2. Wow! Lots of treats and fun. I like the jack o'lantern stuffed peppers and the mummy jar candles. All the carved and painted pumpkins are well done! Nice to see Q enjoying his costumes!

  3. i adore the cat carved pumpkin