Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday Favourites

It has been a week!  I was at work for four of the five days (working from home today) and out two evenings. Throw that in with swimming, dentist, flu shots, report cards, getting some workouts in, and general housekeeping, I am happy the weekend is upon us. 

Still there were some highlights from our week:

We made pizza waffles for supper one night and they were a hit.  We basically just used our regular waffle recipe, added some chopped pepperoni, shredded mozzarella, some oregano and garlic powder, and then dipped them in pizza sauce.  We will make these again!

We all got our flu shots on Tuesday after school. Toronto Public Health set up flu vaccine clinics at the Covid vaccine clinics so we were able to get appointments all at the same time. Usually we are trying to get our shots at the Shoppers Drug Mart and it is always a bit of a disaster.  This worked out so much  better!

Speaking of vaccines, word on the street is that Health Canada is approving the Covid vaccine for kids 5-11 on Friday!  We are excited about that!! Our flu shot experience showed us that we need to really hold Q down so he doesn't squirm, and that E thought the shot was no big deal.  We ready. 

 I also got to attend a Maple Leafs game on Tuesday night.  We were in a box right beside the DJ which was kind of fun.

Some of my colleagues.

I did an awesome work out on Wednesday night - a 90s hip hop bike boot camp with Tunde.  It will leave you lying on the floor clutching your water and towel, or at least that's how I ended the workout.  

I was depleted after that workout and although I wanted chips or cheese and crackers, I decided to make something a bit healthier and I was proud of myself for that choice!  I sliced up an apple, warmed some almond butter so I could easily drizzle it over the apples, then added some cacao nibs and hemp hearts. 

Our car is currently in the shop.  Dave took our snow tires over to get them put on the car when they were done the other work and they asked if he wanted to see the car (like it was a patient at the hospital or something) and he snapped this picture of the work being done. Thankfully it's being done by the dealership so we get a replacement car to use in the meantime. 

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  1. What a busy week! Now I want pizza waffles for dinner!

  2. What a week is right! You need a nice relaxing weekend. Glad you could all get your flu shots. Hope the other vaccines come soon for the boys.

  3. Whoooo hoooo for vaccine approval for kids today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is my absolute favouritest of the Friday Favourites!!!!!!

  4. Your pizza waffles sound delicious! I almost made some apple nachos (as we call them) this week. Yours look so good.