Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Weekend Recap

This weekend we took a little trip west to visit Dave's parents.  We picked up the boys from school and left right away.  It was a pretty good drive in terms of traffic, but it did get dark early and then it was rainy.  It was nice to arrive and have dinner waiting for us.  

We went for a walk on Saturday morning down to Lake Huron and then looped up towards Tim Hortons and then back on the trail.  It was about a 5K walk and Q did well (I'm sure the Tim's stop helped!)

When the sun came out it was much warmer.

After lunch the kids put together some monster trucks with Papa in his workshop.

I was able to do some planning for our Hawaii trip and we watched the F1 sprint race.  In the evening we watched the new Tom Hanks movie Finch.  E watched it too and we all enjoyed it.  

I didn't get any photos on Sunday but we basically just had breakfast, watched a movie, ate lunch and drove home.  We ordered some food from My Roti Place and watched Shang-Chi. I know it's a Marvel movie but didn't feel like one.  I really liked it and shout out to our Canadian Simu Liu!


  1. Yay for getting to visit family again!!!

  2. My kids would hike to Cape Split and back to get a box of Timbits. I can totally leave doughnuts and Tim's coffee, but the kids ADORE it all...

    1. Elisabeth, I'm originally from Nova Scotia!!! :) Thanks for reading along.