Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Weekend Recap

There was no school on Friday so E was home all day (Q was at the YMCA).  Aside from playing video games, he managed to do some leaf bags with Dave, and then I took him up to the bank to get his own bank account.

On Saturday morning Dave made me a smoothie bowl while I was doing my Peloton workout.  It was so pretty I had to snap a photo.

I got my haircut in the morning and in the afternoon we went to a Toronto Marlies game.  It was great fun!

We don't watch a lot of hockey but Q was into it!! He has a Leafs jersey courtesy of our neighbour that works for them. 

Our neighbours were also at the game so we tagged along with them for dinner at Brazen Head after the game. 

On Sunday morning we delivered some hand drawn cards to the church for delivery to some seniors with their poinsettias and shortbreads.   Q used some inspiration from Art for Kids Hub

and E was a bit more refined. 

Q had a playdate with his friend from school and I enjoyed a visit with his parents. 

We didn't see E for most of the day as he was at two different birthday parties and other parents drove him around for us  Meanwhile Q played some street hockey with the neighbours and Dave put up the Christmas lights. 

We spent a cozy rest of the afternoon in the afternoon watching the recorded F1 race.   E eventually came home and we watched The Great Canadian Baker before he went to bed, and Dave and I watched SNL before bed. 


  1. I saw some members of our local hockey team out a few weeks ago and realized it had been awhile since we'd been to one of their games. Maybe we'll have to make it back this year...

  2. We love going to watch hockey games but never watch on tv