Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Christmas Wish List

It seems early to put together my annual Christmas wish list, but it's time to start shopping.  I put this list together to give some ideas to my own family, but also to give you some gift ideas for people in your life.


Mudslide Hair Mask from Dry Bar.  The bottle I have is empty even though I'm still trying to get some out.  I love the smell and it feels like a treat.


An Offset Spatula.  I don't decorate that many cakes or cupcakes in any given year, but whenever I do, I wish I had one of these.


Kate Spade stud earrings.  I typically wear studs (and now especially so because masks) but I'm getting tired of the same ones I have.  You can't go wrong with Kate Spade, especially the square ones.  And these hearts are cute too.


Best Wishes, Warmest Regards.  We discovered Schitt's Creek this past year and I would be a delinquent fan if I didn't want this book.  

Also accepted - Taste by Stanley Tucci and Off the Record by Peter Mansbridge

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  1. Not only can I not think about good gifts for the kids but I can't even think about good gifts for myself! You've got some great options here.