Thursday, December 30, 2021

Monthly Musings


Linking up for one more Monthly Musings of 2021 with Holly and Patty.

1. Favourite moments of 2021?
See my recap of 2021 highlights from Tuesday's post.

2. Favourite vacations/trips of 2021?
Haha, that's a joke right? We went on one trip so it's easy to pick that one!  Even if it had been one of several, it would still have been our favourite.  Click here to see our trip to Nova Scotia in September.

3. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you want to share yours?
I usually do try to set some goals for the year ahead, but I haven't sat down to think about this yet. I will post about my resolutions next week.

4. Did you have a word/phrase for 2021? Do you have one for 2022?
The phrase in my head about midway through 2021 was "the world is about to turn" from a hymn. Vaccines were being rolled out and things were getting back to normal.  I'm not sure what I think about 2022 yet. 

5. Favourite fashion trend from 2021?
The fashion questions always stump me, what were the trends anyway?  Matching your mask to your outfit?

6. Favourite phase of 2021?
Summer when we could golf, camp, swim, host visitors, and eat on patios.

7. Biggest surprise of 2021?
Vaccines for the kids over 5.  We knew it was coming but glad we could get that first dose in before Christmas. 

8. Stay in or go out for New Years?
Go out to a friend's place, preferably one where I can walk home from.

9. Stay up to midnight or crash early?
We typically try to make it to midnight, but if we are just at home then I don't feel the need to stay up.

10. New Year's Day - football, stay in bed, or binge and chill?
Movies, reading, and tidying up from Christmas. 


  1. I laughed at your fashion comment and matching our masks to our outfits- so true! Thanks for linking up with us and Happy New Year!

  2. The vaccines were the Best moments, weren't they? Thank you for always joining us for Monthly Musings. Happy New Year!


  3. Your New Year’s Day sounds a lot like mine! And so does your New Year’s Eve. I was so thrilled to get vaccines for so many this year too! I love your fashion trend - masks to outfits. Haha! Happy New Year!

  4. The vaccines were absolutely the best part of 2021!!! And yes, I love your comment about matching masks to outfits. Hahaha!!! And I love My Soul Cries Out. It's one of our kids' favourite hymns and our church ROCKS singing it.

  5. Yeah, I actually looked up fashion trends of 2021 and believe it or not "black masks" were on there!