Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday Favourites

We had lots of Christmas fun this week.

First we saw Santa on Monday night.

On Tuesday E and I went to a concert with our neighbours.  It was a show of Newfoundland music (including some Christmas tunes) hosted by Shaun Majumder out on for health care workers, so my neighbour had tickets and she took us!  It was great fun!

Intermission treat :)

On Thursday night we picked out our Christmas tree.  We were going to go on Saturday morning but realized if we went on Thursday we could let it fall out a bit and we would be ready to decorate it on Saturday.  We picked it out pretty quickly.  It was actually neither of these but it was maybe the next one we picked up.

And we sent letters to Santa.  E made this envelope at school and we put both letters in one.  Then they ran down the street to put it in the mailbox before bed. 

The most unexpected song is on repeat around here - Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. The boys love it and ask Google to play it all the time.  It's such a ridiculous song but they can't get enough. 

I also got all of our Christmas cards sent out on Monday, now just a few left to hand deliver. 

Happy Friday :)

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  1. We got your card yesterday!!! It was our first one and I was so excited!!!

  2. I mailed your card yesterday, even though earlier in the day I actually walked past your place! My neighbour and I were walking our dogs together and she suggested we take that route. I didn't realize how close you actually live.

  3. Oh, awesome! Looking forward to it. I am surprised it hasn't arrived yet from 1KM away (unless you mailed your cards from elsewhere). We will see whose card arrives first.

    On another note, we were going to walk to Etienne Brule Park. Is that possible now with all the construction? We asked the construction workers and they advised against it, but we weren't sure if that was so we wouldn't disrupt them or because of too much debris, etc.

  4. My boys used to love that song too! We had a stuffed reindeer in a tiny jail cage that shook and danced and sang that song and they wore it OUT. LOL. Looks like you had lots of Christmas fun this week!!