Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Favourites


I don't want to talk about Covid, but before I set that aside, I need to share this meme - laugh or you'll cry right?

I found these cookies at the store this week. I had forgotten about them but I love them!  You know the ones, they are German ginger soft cookies with the glaze.  

I love a good holiday ride and the Cody xoxo Slay-ride did not disappoint. I even got to do it live even though it meant missing dinner with my family.  Priorities, am I right?!

Dave's parents were with us for a few more days after the weekend (they have now flown out West to spend Christmas with Dave's sister).  On this night everyone was participating in Lego.

I took a walk over to Union Station at lunch the other day (the renovations are supposed to be "done" but there is still a bit of work going on).  

Other things of note - E passed his swimming level this week, Q made some nice ornaments for our tree, they both participated in the various "spirit days at school", and I am trying to close deals (sign new contracts) before year end (one down, one to go), it feels like my old days of closing M and A transactions for New Years Eve. 

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  1. Cry, I will cry. I'm so over COVID. I feel like I can't complain as we've had (in the grand scheme of things) relatively little impact - jobs intact, family safe and healthy. But I'm tired. I'm tired of my kids not seeing friends and missing concerts. I'm tired of watching family jump through hoops to try to see loved ones in care homes. I'm tired of feeling like I'm on constant hyper-alert.

    The only way through is through and I'm praying for everyone things move in positive directions in 2022, but it just all feels so heavy. But, these little memes are a welcome distraction!