Thursday, June 3, 2021

Let's Look - Summer Bucket List

I am posting this early, the link up party isn't until next Wednesday, but that's my birthday (!) so I was going to post something else that day.

The topic for this month's link up is Summer Bucket List. (For the record, I feel like I need to mention that I hate the term "bucket list", okay? Thanks.)

I asked my family what they would like to do this summer and the answers were pretty simple:

Q - Help Dad with the grass (and then other variations on that theme, he could not give me two more ideas)

E - Bake cookies, go to a fair, run in a race (hopefully the last two will be possible in some capacity)

Dave - Golf, go camping, see some family

Me - Make ice cream from scratch, swim at Sunnyside Pool and eat at the patio, bike to Henderson's Brewery on the Rail Path

Linking up (next week) with Shay and Erika


  1. That sounds like a pretty good way to spend summer. If Q wants to get a bit more "helping with the grass" in, you can send him our way!!! :) Also, for making ice cream from scratch, do you know about the "two Ziploc bags, throwing it around" method of making ice cream? It's fun and simple and kids do most of the work. Let me know if you want a link...

  2. Very cute that you asked everyone to tell you what they want to do this summer. I think Simon's answer is play Minecraft!

  3. Short, simple, and sweet! What a great list.

  4. We need to add “ice cream from scratch” to our list too!!