Friday, June 25, 2021

Friday Favourites


It was the last full week of school, just two more days next week and we are done!  I knew we could do it, because we had to, but it was a long haul!  Onto summer and camps, visitors, and holidays. 

E had one last school project this month.  He was to pick a new skill to learn, something he has never done before and it had to be totally on his own.  He chose growing tomatoes so this week I took him up to buy two plants and he planted them. 

I took my paddle board out on Tuesday night for a spin down the Humber River.  It was a beautiful night and not too windy.  It took me 41 minutes get to the mouth of the river by the white bridge, and just slightly longer to get back upstream.  Unfortunately my watch died on the way back so I didn't have the final time.
It takes about 8 minutes to pump up the board with our electric pump.

Dave was golfing on Wednesday night so I took the kids to get jerk chicken and Jamaican patties for supper and we ate it at the park. 

I went golfing with E on Thursday evening.  Usually Dave takes him along with another dad and son, but I crashed the party this time.  I don't get many chances to golf, whereas Dave does, so I took the opportunity to go this week.  We had a pretty decent round for my first time out this year. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. That's a fun project to finish off the school year. Hope E has a green thumb and he gets to enjoy some sweet tomatoes. I wondered how long the paddle to the white bridge would be. You are doing well on the paddle board! Nice for you to get out golfing, too. E looks cool in his golf picture. Have a great weekend!

  2. That paddle boarding trip looked nice and peaceful! What a wonderful last week of school.

  3. What a great idea for a school project. I bet he loved growing his tomatoes! Your paddle boarding adventure makes me want to get mine out again. The pictures look great!