Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Favourites

Things must be picking up, I feel like I have a lot to share for this Friday Favourites post when other weeks I did not have anything. 

For my birthday last week I received two lovely curated gift boxes.  One was from my parents and the other from my friend in Prince Edward Island.

Present Day Gifts - Lots of goodies here, including a new plant for my "office". I haven't opened the gin yet, but I will this weekend, everything else has been sampled.  Thanks Mom and John!

And these Island treats from The Preserve Company. The coffee is from a cafe in Charlottetown and although I haven't been there for a few years now, I have been to that cafe.  We have tried most of the other things already and it's all delicious.  We are going to make some chicken wings soon to try the hot sauce, "Giv'er".  Thanks Cindy!

The other day Q said he was "bored" during breakfast so I suggested they turn their pancakes into pirates (we had seen this on a cartoon and I had saved a photo).

Q was more impressed than he shows in this photo.

We went to the school to pick up anything the kids had left behind, which wasn't much but it was also an excuse to see their classrooms.

I took my paddle board out on the Humber River on Tuesday evening.  E and I paddled down the river while Dave took Q for a run in the running stroller.  We met up with them on the shore and I took Q back and E went with Dave.  It was a bit windy but fine.  This will be a fun hobby!

I got my second vaccine this week too!  I had Astra-Zeneca the first time and I opted for an MRNA one this time, and got Moderna.  Dave and E were golfing so I had to take Q with me but it was a quick in and out with my appointment so it wasn't a big deal to bring him along.  Selfie or it didn't happen!

Big weekend ahead - US Open Golf, F1 race, Father's Day, and promised hot weather. 

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  1. Lots of good things! Glad the gift box was a hit. And your paddle board. So handy to be able to use it on the river. Those boys are cute with their pancakes and at school. I bet it felt strange being there. Hooray for vaccines! So happy for you! And for us!

  2. Happy birthday! Paddle boarding sounds like a lot of fun.