Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Weekend Recap


We enjoyed such lovely weather in Toronto this weekend - summer may have arrived!  There was no school on Friday so the kids got to watch lots of TV!  Dave and I set up our computers outside and worked for the morning there.  It was quite pleasant. 

I took a quick trip to Costco around lunchtime and then for the rest of the day was pretty busy at work.  

A bit of soccer practice before supper.

Then it was pizza night.  Q likes to help.

Fresh basil from our herb garden.

Look at the rise!

Good work Dave!

We put the Jays game on for a little bit after we ate but then went inside to watch a movie. 

On Sunday morning Dave was up early for his tee time.  When I got up I watched the F1 Qualifying and made waffles.  We finished the F1 Netflix documentary and are now big fans.

Then I took the boys to meet up with some friends at the park.  Frisbee, splash pad, and sunshine!

Checking out the beach, no kite surfers this time.

Treat on the way home.

When we got home, I walked up the street to get a few things and then we just hung out in the backyard. Dave put the sprinkler on for the kid and we all hit some golf balls.  I opened this Kona Brewing Company beer from Hawaii and if I squinted it was almost like we were there (not quite! but the beer was good).

We had some sausages and hot dogs for supper and then watched a bit of TV. 

On Sunday morning I got up for an early run before Dave took E to the driving range. When I got back we watched the F1 race, so exciting! And happy to see Checo win.  (I told you, we are in this now!).  When the boys got back we went to try a new restaurant for take out - Chica's Chicken in the Junction. This is on the wall outside.

We had to wait about 20 minutes for our food even though we were there before it opened but that's due to all the people who called ahead and also order for delivery, we will do that next time. The chicken sandwich was delicious and so were the waffle fries.  We ate it in a nearby park and then drove to Centennial to play mini-golf and hit a few balls on the range.  It was hot but so great to be out and the mini-golf course is mostly shaded.

Q lost his ball in the shrubs so good old Dad went in and got it for him. 

This kid hit almost a full bucket on his own. 

We were still full from our big lunch when we got home so we just made a cheese and meat tray to graze on and the kids had their leftover pizza.  I had a nap when we got home but then found a surge of energy and organized both of the boys' dressers, taking away clothes that are too small and finding out how many shorts they needed (Q has tons, and I ordered three new pairs for E, along with a bathing suit for each and now they are all set for summer.) 

Finished our night with Handmaid's Tale and a fairly early bedtime. 


  1. That pizza crust sure does have a good rise! Impressive. The whole pizza looks so tasty. If I close my eyes.... (wink, wink!). And it's nice to have such a relaxing place to work and play in your own back yard! Those boys are lucky to get out to enjoy other parks and activities, too. Great mural at the restaurant. Cheers to summer!

  2. That pizza looks delicious! And I wish out internet was strong enough for us to work outside. That looks lovely!

  3. Good to know about the mini golf course at Centennial!
    Pizza looks yummy. Chloe and I went to that splash pad on the first super hot day. It was great, but we emerged completely covered in pollen!

  4. Those homemade pizzas look amazing! What a lovely weekend.