Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Weekend Recap

On Friday we were getting a new air conditioner installed so it was a kind of busy day.  I took the kids to the park for a little while in the later afternoon and Dave got some golf in.

On Saturday morning I got out for a quick run before it got to hot.  Then the boys went over to the neighbour's to play on the bouncy castle with sprinklers.  It was a hit!

After lunch I asked if they would prefer to walk to the playground or to do errands.  They chose errands because it meant that we could get a treat at a store. Then we just sat in the backyard for awhile until Dave got home from golfing.

Beautiful day!

That evening we put a movie on the big screen and some neighbours came over the watch while the adults hung out on the lawn.

We were up early on Sunday morning so we could head to the beach.  Woodbine Beach is only about 20 minutes away and it's a pretty great beach. We knew it would get busy so we were there before 9:00.  E and I getting the paddle board pumped up.

E was the first passenger. 

Dave and Q took a spin.

Q and me with E following behind.

We decided to pack up around 2:30 which worked well since it started raining a bit as we headed back to the car.  When we got home, Dave mowed the lawn and went for a run.  We ordered some pizza from North of Brooklyn for an easy supper.
Love being outside all weekend!


  1. What a lovely beach! Great water for the new paddle board! The photos of clouds, water and you guys...very nice. That bouncy castle water slide is something else! A fun way for the young ones to keep cool.

  2. I love being outside all weekend too and we were able to be out A LOT this weekend! Yay for the beach!!!