Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Favourites


This edition of Friday Favourites is basically just a recap of my birthday, which was on Wednesday. 

I got up early to do my usual Wednesday morning workout, and that worked well since it allowed Dave to run out and bring home McDonalds breakfast as a surprise.  I love McDonalds breakfast!

And so do these guys, although Q left his hash brown behind so I swooped in to grab it :)

Another surprise was these balloons and banner out front. One of my dear friends drove over early to set this up, so pretty!! And since I'm working from home, I got to enjoy glimpses of it all day.

I opened my gifts after breakfast and got a few nice things including an inflatable paddle board.

It was a busy morning of work but I was able to get away at lunchtime to pick up my Starbucks birthday drink.  
A late afternoon popsicle

I made a last minute decision to join Cody's live ride on Peloton - two sweaty workouts in one day - check!

Dave brought home our takeout pizzas from Queen Margherita Pizza.  They are always very busy on Wednesdays (half price pizzas) so the earliest we could get our order was for 7:00 but that was fine.
I moved the birthday banner to the backyard.  

I love this cake, white cake from Bake Sale.

It was so nice to hear from friends and family sending birthday wishes to me, so lucky!  Although this was my second Covid birthday, nothing was missing from this day, just like last year, this is exactly where I want to be :)

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  1. Awww -- what a sweet birthday celebration!!! I love that your friend surprised you with a birthday banner and balloons!

  2. Oh, sweet! Let me know if you want to go out paddling. I am on the water a lot. I got Em a paddleboard for her 10th birthday! The best discovery of our new location is that we live just 750 metres from the South Kingsway boat launch! Last night, we left at 5:00 and came back at 6:30. The Humber River is like our cottage in the city.

  3. What a wonderful birthday celebration you had with so many sweet surprises.

  4. What a great birthday!! So happy you got an inflatable paddle board-- I love mine! I hope you get to use it a lot this summer :)