Thursday, June 24, 2021

Monthly Musings


1) Any last day of school traditions?
We take a photo to compare to the first day of school.  We are also usually heading out on our Canada Day camping trip that day or the next day.

2) Do you make a summer list? What is everyone looking forward to most this summer?
No, we don't typically make a list, although I did this year for a Let's Look post.  Our requests are simple given that we are just starting to open up.  I want to sit on patios and watch the kids play organized sports.

3) Any summer vacation plans?
We have four camping trips booked, but we aren't leaving our province yet.

4) Favourite summer outfits? What do you live in in the summer?
Shorts and tank tops. And a hat, I need to have my head covered if I'm out in the sun.

5) Favourite summer meal?
Cheeseburger and fries.

6) Do you end school in May or June? How about when you were growing up?
School in Ontario ends at the very end of June, same as when I was growing up in Nova Scotia.

7) Bikini? Tankini? One piece?
One piece mostly but I have one tankini.

8) What are your 4th of July Canada Day plans?
We always go camping around the Canada Day weekend and that's what we are doing this year. I have been feeling less like celebrating Canada in the traditional sense.  I wrote a bit about it last year and this year I feel the same way particularly given the recent focus on treatment of Indigenous people in this country (both past and present). I'm happy grateful to live here and be a Canadian but am also conscious of our faults.  The most we will probably do is play some Tragically Hip to mark the day.

9) Do you dress in red, white and blue on July 4 July 1?
We usually do, but see above, not sure if I will make the same effort to dress in white and red this year.

10) Charcoal or gas grill?
Gas grill.  We have a propane BBQ but will make the switch to natural gas at some point as we have a hook up for it.  

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  1. Hope you all have a blast on your camping trips! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I wear hats a lot more now in the sun too; mostly to hide my face as I've started getting sun spots on my cheeks. I never even thought of taking a last day of school photo! Enjoy your camping trips.

  3. Thank you for providing your Canadian twist on Monthly Musings! Enjoy your camping trips and thanks for linking up with us.


  4. Ooooo, Dave would totally be on board with celebrating Canada Day by playing The Hip all day. Maybe we'll do that, wear orange, and donate to the Downie Wenjack fund. That feels appropriate this year.

    1. Yes! That sounds like a good place to donate money, will do that too!