Wednesday, June 9, 2021

This is 40!

(This is actually me at 38 but I can't find a good photo of just me from the last 6 months so I'll go with this one!!)

Today is my 40th birthday!  I have heard that one's 40s are the best years and that you get it all figured out by this stage of your life, I'm not sure about that, but as I'm writing this on the 8th, perhaps I will have woken up this morning with it all figured out, hah!

People say that you really know yourself by the time you get to be this old, and I think that is a fair statement, but it's also a limiting statement because life is always changing and too often people adopt some view about themselves preventing them from seeing what else is possible.  I am guilty of this at times too and there are some things that I will make absolute statements about without apology:

- I do not like burpees and mountain climbers.  I know my fitness instructions encourage us to embrace these things and the strength and power gained from them, but I am not buying that message. I hate them and have hated them forever.  I do them, but I hate them. 

- I will always get mint chocolate chip ice cream if it's available. I know there are other tasty flavours but this the one I like so I will keep getting it until the day I die.

And there are other things that I used to say but have changed:

- I don't eat tofu.  False. I started buying it a few years ago and have learned to cook it so it is crispy and a good addition to stirfrys.

- I can't work out at home.  False. I was forced to do that when the pandemic started but I do not see that stopping even when I can go back to the gym, especially since we have the Peloton now.

- I am a slow runner. False.  I'm not as fast as some people (ahem, Dave!), but I can keep up with a group and put in some good times. 

- I don't like hot sauce.  False. I am a recent sriracha convert and will also add a hot sauce to my tacos. 

Perhaps knowing that one can change their mind about something and grow is the benefit of reaching 40 years of age.  I'm not set in my ways, I am able to appreciate what I'm capable of.  Other people 40+, do I have this right? 


  1. Happy 40th Birthday!!! I have no advice as my 40s were a time of change and learning even more about myself. I will say that I've settled into things more in my 40s, if that makes sense. I've learned what I do well and have tried to do better at it.

  2. I agree about the bupees. I think everyone hates those. Great picture with your sweet boys and your mint chocolate ice cream! Enjoy your birthday! Cheers to you!

  3. Happy Birthday. I use to love burpees until I had my 3rd kid.