Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Let's Look - Bathroom Organization

Today's topic for Let's Look is Bathroom Organization. Coincidentally I did a home tour for my post on Monday and of course the bathroom is part of that tour.

Instead of cabinets, the people that designed this bathroom decided to add shelves only.  We managed to find baskets that fit exactly on those shelves and that is what Dave and I use for our toiletry items.  The smaller one on the bottom is for the kids.

This is my bin - brush and comb, hair stuff (mostly from Dry Bar), hair elastics, razor, contact lens solution, and my makeup bag.

We put this dresser in when we moved, previously there was a bidet here, which we did not want.  This dresser has extra soap, cleaning cloths, and other things.  I'm sure we could use this storage space more effectively but mostly it's just a good place to put your towel when you're in the shower. 

This closet is in the hallway just outside of the bathroom.  
From the top:
Top shelf- (which I actually cut out of the photo, oops) extra shampoo and conditioner
Medicine of all sorts - which we don't use much but is good to have it all on hand
First Aid items
Kleenex packs, extra toothbrushes and floss, our contact lens supply is in the little black and white containers
Travel bag and extra sunscreen
Cleaning supplies and usually extra toilet paper.  
(There is a pack of Huggies there that I bought online thinking they were pull-ups but they are just diapers so I need to give those away to someone.)

It's not pretty but it works.

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  1. This is super random but I think we use the same contact lens solution! Hahaha!!!

  2. How lucky to find baskets that match; I like to keep things in baskets and bins too since it's so much neater than just having everything out on the shelves.