Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Weekend Recap

 My weekend recap is heavy on the photos of Q since E is still at camp.  

I went to the office on Friday and then picked up Q from camp around 3:30. Dave was golfing so Q and I watched a movie and waited for him to come home.  The plan had been for him to bring supper home from the golf club but when he finished his round he was just a few minutes late for take out.  There were seats on the patio so he called us to come and meet him there instead.   A little cloudy but still warm. 

Q ordered an apple juice so he was pretty excited about that.  The golf club has an outdoor pizza oven so that is what we ordered.

On Saturday morning Dave went golfing again and I got up to do a Peloton ride.  After that I took my coffee and breakfast outside for a few minutes while Q just watched TV.

After a little bit we went over the playground for a little while.

Q was at gymnastics camp last week so he is a pro at swinging from the bars now.

I had to take a work phone call at 11:00 but it wasn't too bad.  After we had lunch Dave and I cleaned up the yards.  The hilly dirt part of our backyard was full of old branches that the squirrels have knocked down over the last few months building their nests.  It was good to clear everything out.  Q tried out the swing and did a pretty good job.

Then we got cleaned up and went out for dinner at the golf club again.  It was a sunny evening and so nice to be out.  Q did a good job of taking this photo. 

On Saturday night Dave and I watched the Friends Reunion show finally. I love shows like that, it made me so happy to see everyone together again. 

On Sunday morning I tidied up the entire house so I could photograph it for my home tour for yesterday's blog post.  It was a good excuse to tidy (although I confess I did not dust or vacuum).

Q and I did a few errands after that, including getting some flowers.

We had reservations for swimming but it started to rain so we decided to skip it.  Instead I went to the grocery store and Dave and Q went to Golf Town. 
When I got back I put together some snacks to watch the Euro Cup final.  We even had a friend over to watch inside our house!! 

Sad to see England lose but I know lots of Toronto people were happy to have Italy win as evidenced by the honking we heard on the streets.  

We watched a bit of TV before trying to get to bed early, ready for another full week ahead.


  1. Great pictures. Q did a good job taking that one of you and Dave. And I like the one of Q carrying the flowers.

  2. Q is quite the photographer! Looks like a fun weekend.

  3. Q is a GREAT photographer! And this sounds like a great weekend -- a little tidying, a little relaxation, a little fun -- a good mix of everything!