Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Weekend Recap

We went on our second camping trip of the year this past weekend.  This time we were at Arrowhead Provincial Park with four other families (21 people in total).  Three of them live on our street now and one of them used to live here and moved to a different part of the city last summer.  It was quite something to book campsites when we did it in February but it all worked out well and we had a successful trip.

As we often do when travelling to the Muskoka area, we stopped at Weber's for lunch on the way and met up with one other family.

After we got all set up we took a spin down to the beach and the kids went in the water.

Everyone was milling about and the kids were entertained so I stole a few moments in the hammock with my drink.

Q keeping score of the washer toss game happening behind me. 

We had kebabs and salad for supper and then we all gathered for a fire.

And s'mores of course.

The kids played some charades and attempted a couple of skits.  This is them making a plan.

On Friday morning Q and I were up first at our site and got breakfast going.

Visitors at breakfast.

It was going to be a beautiful day so the plan was to go to the beach. 

Dave is carrying all of the things.

Family photos.

Q was happy about the cheetos someone brought.

We had a full day there and then packed up to make supper.

Then over to a different site for campfire there.  When we all booked, one family chose a site that happened to be on the other side of ravine (the map makes it look like they back onto one another and didn't show the divide) but the kids built a bridge over the small stream and we were able to cross back and forth without walking all the way around.

This was the view from our campsite, so pretty.  I kept waiting for an animal to come out of there but I didn't see any.

Two of the families were already planning to leave on Saturday and since the weather was calling for rain one other family decided to leave.  We opted to stay along with the other family.  It was the right call for us, the rain wasn't that bad and we had a lot of fun.

Before everyone left we went on a hike to the waterfall.

Checking out the deer in the woods

This is most of our group - just missing one family (already left) and one dad (who was packing up their campsite).

Lots of climbing.

After our hike we had lunch and then the rain started.  We hung out in our tent for a little while.

Then we played cards under the tarp.

With the rain we decided to go into town for supper and we got a table at Boston Pizza.  It was fun, and we got to watch some of the Olympics.

We knew the rain was going to stop soon so we got a fire going and the adults ended up staying up until 1:00!

We woke up to a beautiful day again, and after breakfast we went on a bike ride.  The initial plan was just go to to the camp store, but then we thought we would try the 5 km bike trail, even with the little kids.  Even with a few spills, they kids did such a great job and kept it up the whole time.  Knowing that Q can do a longer bike ride like this, even on a hard trail with roots and rocks, means we have many more options for family bike rides. 

Then we packed up our sites before we spent a bit of time at the beach.  Our drive wasn't too bad, but we were glad to be home.  We put most things away, set out our tent in the backyard to dry out, and ordered some pizza.  Whew!

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  1. Great to see you had a full weekend of camping fun! It's impressive that the four families were able to coordinate this time together. And even build a bridge! The best!