Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Camping Recap - Algonquin

We just finished up our first weekend of camping for the year.  We had planned to go with two other families but they had to cancel so it was just the four of us!  We left the city on Wednesday last week. As is our tradition, we stopped at Webers on our way.


We pulled into our campsite (#135) at Pog Lake in Algonquin Park and got ready to set up.  Unfortunately it started raining so we got a little wet while we put the tent up, but it cleared up for suppper.

We almost forgot the bocce ball but it was a good thing we didn't, it was a highlight of the trip.

After supper we pumped up the paddleboard and went down to the beach.

Then home to get the fire going and roast some marshmallows.

We all slept pretty well and Q was bright eyed on Thursday morning.  He got to have his favourite cereal, Fruit Loops.

We upped our coffee game again with this blend from Receiver Coffee in Charlottetown.

After breakfast and tidying up we went on a hike on the White Pines Trail.

A little buggy but okay.

It starting raining a bit after we finished the hike so we went on a little drive down to the Rock Lake campground to see what it was like.  Q fell asleep for a little nap.

After lunch we went to the beach.  We all took turns on the paddleboard and played in the water. 

We had tacos for supper and then played some cards before our campfire.

On Friday morning we had to get up early to drive to Huntsville for E's Covid test.  He was going to overnight camp on Sunday and needed a negative test before arriving.  It was good to be up early though because we saw this guy on our way!

The test was quick and easy (and results within 24 hours!) so then we went to Lion's Lookout for some views.

And then visited the Muskoka Pioneer Village.  This was a great little stop with neat displays.

The schoolhouse.

And then we had tickets for the train.

All aboard!

We had lunch on the Boston Pizza patio which is right on the water.  It was a great spot and we enjoyed our drinks and food. 

Home for some more time on the beach and paddle board and then burgers for supper.  E made this fire and wanted a picture of the flames rising behind him.

We made cones stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate.

And made our own "sparklers" with sticks held in the fire until they have a burning tip.

Happy kids in the tent the next morning.  Blurry but I liked Q's smile here.

And E's face here.

We got ready for another hike after breakfast, this time to Hemlock Bluff.  This was another beautiful trail.

We got home for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the beach again.

Woodsman Dave.

Twinning with our red plaid shirts.

I love light through the trees.

It rained overnight unfortunately which means we were packing up a wet tent in the morning, but that's how it goes sometimes.  We got everything ready by 11:00 or so and then headed to Huntsville for lunch.  We had to kill some time before we could drop E off at his camp at 3:45.

They aren't actually sleeping here but they looked cute.

We had some drinks on the Canvas Brewery and ordered lunch from the food truck next door, Fox in the Hen House.

We got an ice cream and walked by the water and then took E to camp.  It was a long drive home after that since everyone was leaving cottage/camping country after the long Canada Day weekend, but we made it, unpacked and got cleaned up.  
Whew! Thanks for sticking with me.  Camping is so much work but so worth it!


  1. Such great pictures of you and the family! I really enjoyed seeing this recap of your jam packed long weekend. Thanks!

  2. These are such great pictures! It looks like a really fun weekend, despite some rain. And you saw a MOOSE!!! I am soooo envious! I always look for moose on our northern road trips and have never seen one -- boo.

  3. That looks like you had a fabulous trip! So much fun in the great outdoors.