Monday, July 12, 2021

Not Just a Mom - Home Tour

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Today we are doing home tours! I haven't done a home tour for a few years so although not much has changed, I liked going through the house to snap some photos.  It was also a good excuse to tidy up!

I'm accompanying many of photos with a bit of commentary to point out some things and give you a sense of our home. 

Come on in!  Our home was built in 1928, we moved here in 2014. 

We have a little entryway.

Coats and shoes.  We all have a basket for our own things.  Above this closet is a pull down flap and we can store the seasonal things above.

The front hallway.  See my rolly-cart for walking to do errands.  Books to read (or finished), sunscreen, sunglasses, and bin for used masks on the shelf.

Then to the right is our living room.

E's lesson books on the piano. 

My work from home desk.

My birthday cards are still on the mantle.  We have some games and puzzles on the shelf, and some baskets of toys.

Then towards the back of the house where we have our kitchen, TV, and dining area in an open concept space.  See Q watching a movie.

Q has a little desk in the corner.  He didn't actually sit there during online school, he sat at the table, but it was where we kept his supplies and art work.

The screen door was a good addition a few years ago.  Chalk wall on the left for meal planning. New air conditioner above the door.

Skylights above.

Heading downstairs to the basement. We got a new side door this year and then Dave finished the trim and painting on the landing.

Laundry racks stored in the corner. 

This is our only bathtub in the house.

Still a few toys but a lot less than we used to have.

Bathroom on the left, door to guest room on the right.

This is Dave's office as well as a playroom, art area.

Dave's standing desk in the corner.

This chair was in both of the boys' rooms when they were babies for nursing and story reading.  I'm glad it's found a new home down here.

Our TV room.  Dave finished this room in December 2019 just in time for the pandemic.  It has been a great place to hang out and work out over the past 16 months.

Beer fridge, extra storage for snacks, etc.

Our home gym equipment - Peloton, mats, weights, etc.

Now upstairs to our bedrooms. This is our room.

E wrote the sign that says "I love you guys" so I had to keep it.   That china dog used to be at my grandparents' house and I got it after they died.  His name is Gypsy.

Q's room.

E's room. 

E's artwork framed on the left.

French verb conjugation charts I made for him while he was on virtual school. 

Our bathroom didn't have drawers so we each have a basket with our things in them.   The kids share the bottom one for their toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We did add this dresser a few years ago for extra storage.

Thanks for scrolling through!  

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  1. You have such a lovely home. I love open floor plans too and your bathrooms are just beautiful! We really need to redo our master bath but I am dreading the mess of it all.

  2. Your house is stunning! So much character.

  3. I love all the details you shared. And your house is even older than ours! I love your space!

  4. I love your kitchen dining room living room area

  5. Okay I LOVE your home!! It's the perfect mix of older (character, charm, probably a bigger yard) and newer (updated bathrooms, beautiful kitchen!). Is the room where the kitchen is an addition? Or just renovated? It looks newer but it's hard to tell in pictures. Either way, it's gorgeous! Your home is beautiful.

    1. Yes, the back part of the main floor where the couch and the expanded kitchen are was an addition the previous owners did. The large basement space below with high ceilings is a very rare find in Toronto. This addition is what sold us on the house, we are so lucky we have it (and didn't have to manage the reno!!). Thank you!

  6. This really is a beautiful home, really completely my style.
    Well done with taking all those pictures.
    It's not always easy taking pictures of a house.
    Lovely place!