Thursday, July 29, 2021

Monthly Musings

1. Bikini, Tankini or One Piece?
One piece or tankini.

2. Best Swimsuit you ever owned?
I like the navy blue one I have now.  It's a tankini so makes it easy to use the washroom, it has good coverage, and I like that it matches both of the cover ups I have.  I got it at Bikini Village at the Eaton Centre before we went to Hawaii in January 2020. 

3. White Jeans - yes or no?
No.  I have had white pants but I'm so conscious of dirt that I never choose them.  And I don't wear jeans of any sort in the summer anyway. 

4. Favourite pair of flip-flops?
For flip flops I love the Sanuk brand.  The foot part is a yoga mat, and the thong part is fabric, which is key for me.  Anything plastic just ends up ripping my foot apart.  I always get the white ones even though they get so dirty and then I just end up wearing them for camping.  I wear my Birkenstocks for everyday.

5. Must have summer accessory?
A hat.  Either a baseball hat or a straw hat but I need to have my head covered when I'm out in the sun.

6. Favourite summer fashion staples?
I like wide strap tank tops.  Depending on the fabric or pattern, some are good for work outfits, and some are good for everyday. 

7.  Skirts or shorts?
Both, or even better a skort!

8. Any brands that say summer to you?
Billabong and Roxy. I have a couple of things I bought in Hawaii and they are for the beach.

9. Favourite summer scent?
Coconut.  I don't wear perfume but I love things that smell like the sunscreen I used to wear when I was younger. 

10. Do you switch your handbag in the summer?
In the summer I'm more likely to grab a backpack or a fanny pack (worn crosswise on my back, and I'm sure they aren't called fanny packs anymore).  Since I'm more active in the summer, I don't like having a big purse to weigh me down and a leather Kate Spade bag doesn't really go with my casual summer clothes.

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  1. I agree - skorts in the summer are best! I love the smell of sunscreen, too. I didn’t even think about Billabong or Roxy for summer brands. They are so fun! Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE wide strap tank tops- yes please! Totally agree with you and you can't go wrong with anything coconut scented! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Love a skort too. Best of both worlds. Thanks for linking up with Holly and me!


  4. I have not heard of that flip flop brans before but I too find I need fabric or leather for the thong because plastic makes me break out in blisters. I mentioned coconut for scent too!

  5. Yes to a hat! I am trying to do much better this summer to wear a hat to protect my skin. I have the age spots to help remind me :).