Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Let's Look - Outdoor Organization

Today's topic is Outdoor Organization.  There are four areas for storage that we have for our outside things: 

We have a shed at the back of the house. It looks like a garage but doesn't fit a car.  

Camping stuff and winter tires on the hanging shelf.  Skis across the back, tools on the right side, bikes, garbage bins, golf clubs, and toys take up the rest of the space.  It's not at its peak tidiness right now, did not plan well enough for this post!  We keep the garbage, recycling, and organics bins inside all of the time as we don't want to deal with the racoons.  

Then we have a covered bin for our patio furniture cushions.  Our trees are always dropping something and rain can be unexpected so we try not to leave things out all of the time.  

Everything can fit in here and in the winter we just keep the lid down extra tight with a couple of heavy stones. 

We also have a bunch of toys in the backyard.  I wish we were that family with the tidy yard, but mostly the toys and sports balls are all over the place (I tidied up for this photo). That's what fences are for!

Our sandbox where we try to keep all of the toys in one place.  I used to be really worried about leaving the lid off of the sandbox because of raccoons getting in there, but they never seem to interested in it so mostly I just try to remember to cover it when it's going to pour rain.

And finally, although this bench is inside, it holds things for the outside. 

A blanket, our table cloth, an old yoga mat for outside workouts, and a cooler.

I'm hoping our weather warms up soon, we haven't had any motivation to pick up our plants at the garden centre yet, or sit out for long periods of time.  Here's also hoping the stay at home order (set to end May 20) isn't extended for too much longer so we can host people in our backyard again!

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Next month we are looking at Summer Bucket Lists - hopefully by then we'll have a better sense of what our options will actually be!


  1. I really hope our weather warms up soon too! I miss being outside for long stretches of time. And we always left our lid on our sandbox so the neighbourhood cats didn't use it as a litter box.

  2. Your shed is great for storage! My kids are not great at picking up their outside things either. I found Home Depot 5 gallon buckets are the easiest way to hold all the balls that tend to be strewn across the yard. Have a great day!