Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Weekend Recap

Friday was a long day! We had lots going on at work and school that day.  The gin and tonic I made myself after work was welcome!  Happy Mother's Day weekend to me.

Dave tried a new pizza dough recipe, based on the Neopolitan pizza style, and then I tried a white pizza recipe.  It was delicious!

We set up the Blue Jays game outside and watched it out there, despite it being chilly! I was wearing a touque!

On Saturday morning, we were off to a slow start with some puzzle work and coffee.

The boys went out to run some errands so when they were gone, I did a Britney Spears ride on Peloton, which was great fun!

In the afternoon we headed up to see some friends at the school yard.  I managed to get the kids to leave with a promise of a treat on the way home.  It was so cold on our walk but Q still picked an ice cream, but E got a tart, and I got a coffee.

We had a simple dinner and then Dave and I watched The Handmaid's Tale before trying to get to be early.

Sunday was Mother's Day and I was treated to quite the spread!  

My favourite breakfast of smoked salmon on bagels.  Also a cake from Bake Sale, although we did not have it for breakfast!

Some pretty flowers.

Some fun macarons from a place in the Junction.

A fun gift box of local treats from Culinary Adventures. 

Dave had set up a movie that I like for us to watch, Titanic.  It is a great movie, although I think the kids were a little shocked at how many people died.  Maybe this will be the movie they will answer when they are asked "Which movie did you watch as a child that scarred you for life?").

After the movie and lunch we went outside to clean up our bikes.  Ready for the season. 

And I took out some of the goodies from my gift box to enjoy in the afternoon. 

The rest of the afternoon, we watched the golf (Go Rory!!) and I napped a little bit, and then we got supper ready. We had steak, green beans, and baked potatoes.  And then we finally had a piece of cake for our dessert. 

Then we outside to hit a few golf balls before bed.

Dave and I opted for a new show, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, and watched a few episodes.  FI is a whole different world that I know nothing about, I'm fascinated. 



  1. Lots of sweet and savoury treats for you! I especially like the sweet face of E behind the flowers. He looks pleased as he watches you. As they say, priceless! That pizza looks professional! Worth the extra effort.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Looks like a great spread! We also had bagels and smoked salmon on Mother’s Day (and a few other things as we did a brunch. Emily made the most amazing soufflé pancakes). What is the Junction macaron place called?

  3. You got lots of great flowers! And we need to start stocking gin so I can make G&Ts. I LOVE drinking them when we visit my parents so why don't I make them at home?!?!? And yes, can it PLEASE warm up soon???