Monday, May 17, 2021

Yard Tour

 We got our flowers put together this weekend so it was time to do a bit of a tour for you.  How I wish we could invite people over for lawn games, a BBQ, and cocktails.  Hopefully we can do it at least once this summer!

Welcome!  Our house was built in the 1920s. We have lived here for about 7 years and have put in new windows, railings, and a new walkway.  We have also cut down a few trees and put in sod last year.  We would like to change up the front landscaping at some point, but it works for now.  We have a sprinkler system for the lawn and a watering system for the plants.  I have a hard time remembering to water the plants and it also helps when we go away in the summertime. 

Our herb garden is out front where it gets lots of afternoon sun.  We have basil, rosemary, cilantro (that is never successful but we'll try again this year!), thyme, Italian parsley, and chives.  

Geraniums are always my pick for the front, they are hardy and keep growing as long as you trim the dead ones.

Mint is planted in the box.

This little tree has some pink blooms just starting.  It is usually in full bloom by the end of May.

Now onto the backyard. Last year we had to cut down two large oak trees, they were dead and a danger to the house if they were to blow over in a storm.  We were sad to do it, but the extra space has been great.  We like having our table and chairs here to eat outside when we can.

View form our tree house.

The spot above the table is "unfinished" but we have yet to decide if we will put some shrubs or flowers there. Right now, it's a landing spot for the boys jumping from the lawn above.

The sandbox has been a good addition, built last spring.

We have a golf net that is set up most of the time.  Golf courses and driving ranges are still closed here but the boys (and me sometimes) are still getting their swings in.  (This is from a few weeks ago)

We also got a big screen and projector so we could watch the Blue Jays and movies (hopefully with other people at some point). 

And we have a fire pit that is fun in the winter and summer.


  1. All your plants and flowers look great! Enjoy your yard and hopefully some visitors at some point.

  2. I really want to figure out where to put an outdoor screen. I would LOVE to watch the Blue Jays outside. What fun!!!