Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was almost identical to last weekend, and that's just fine.  We finished up school on Friday afternoon with a picture of Q's work. 

On Friday night we had sausages and pasta salad and then watched a new movie on Netflix, The Mitchell's vs. the Machines. It was so cute, highly recommend. 

On Saturday morning I did some cleaning inside, while Dave did some tidying up of the garage.  I finally cleaned our light fixtures, and also vacuumed out the dryer vent with my new long skinny attachment.  Fun stuff! Haha.  I also did the new Usher Peloton ride and it was so good, I loved every song.
After lunch Dave went for a run so I took the kids for a walk in the woods. 

And we threw some rocks in the river.

When I got back I walked up the street to get some stuff for supper, and then stopped in at the playground where the kids were playing.  This was one of the trees starting to bloom.

On Saturday night we watched another movie with the kids, not as good as Friday's selection, and then Dave and I watched The Courier, which was quite good. 

On Sunday morning I finally tackled the front hall closet and swapped out hats and mittens for flip flops and ball caps.  It's so nice to have a fresh closet to walk into.  Then we walked up to The Dark Horse for lunch.  They are closed for table service of course, but they offer a BBQ on their patio for takeaway.  We got burgers and a hot dog for Q and sat on the bench across the street.  

When we got home, Dave and I hit a few golf balls into our net, and then watched the Blue Jays under the porch when it started to rain, and enjoyed some quiet time while the kids watched TV inside.

It sort of rained on and off but the boys went for a quick bike ride before supper, and then we went to get an ice cream cone.  I always get mint chocolate chip, but this time they had Nanaimo bar flavour so I tried that instead.  It was really good!

Home for showers, putting away laundry, and an episode of Mighty Ducks with E.  Dave and I are watching For All Mankind on Apple TV so we watched one of those too. 


  1. Another good weekend! I really like the pictures down by the river. It is so nice for the boys to have woods to play in and a river too. I see lots of people fishing. Those ice creams do look tasty!

  2. Now I want ice cream! And we need to get out to the woods again -- we haven't gone lately and it would be so good for us. Also, way to go on the closet cleaning -- I think that's on tonight's agenda. Ugh.