Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  We've made it through another week of virtual school!  Some days were better than others, as usual, but it's Friday so let's just remember the better days.
I'm sure many of you have seen this gum commercial by Extra, but in case you haven't seen it, here you go.  What I really appreciated was the choice of Celine Dion song.

Watching some TV with E on Tuesday night.  On Monday I posted about some things my kids are into now, and one of those is the Mighty Ducks show on Disney, which we watched on this night.

We did some classes outside this week including on Cinco de Mayo when Q's class drew some sombreros and piñatas, and then he chose a Baby Yoda picture to draw too.

E has been hitting golf balls all week, sometimes early before school or after supper.  

The audience and ball picker upper.

A little break outside between classes in a fort with all of the stuffies.

When your food delivery bags double as Trollhunter masks.

A friend dropped off a little gift to me this week, which was so thoughtful.  She picked it up at our fitness studio's boutique

We've got this friends, even on the hard days!

A Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating that this weekend.  My wishes are simple, I'd just like someone to bring me a coffee :)

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  1. I hadn't seen the ad so thanks. It brought a wee tear to my eyes. I could just feel it. Great song with it. I like your favourite pics for the week. Lots of energy there! Enjoy the weekend. And a nice coffee brought to you in that new mug. Perfect for Mother's Day!

  2. I hadn't seen the commercial and now I'm crying at work. Hahaha!!! That's so great!

  3. My boys wont watch the Mighty Ducks but my husband and I were really enjoying it.