Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Weekend Recap

 We had such a lovely weekend of warm weather.  Friday was it's usual busy day of school and trying to get work tidied up for the week.  In the late afternoon, Dave started sanding the side entryway where our new door was installed a few weeks ago.  Q was keen to help so he donned an N95 mask and "helped". 

We had burgers and fries (homemade) for our supper.  We watched ___ which was a cute movie.  

On Saturday morning we had pancakes for breakfast and then got our bikes ready for a ride.  We enjoyed riding on the Lakeshore last year for #ActiveTO when it was closed to cars on the weekends.  The City decided to do that again and this was the second weekend Lakeshore West was closed.  It is a pretty big trip down there and back but we knew Q would want to bike a little, so Dave just strapped his bike to the bike trailer, and once we got down there, Q hopped on his bike for a little while.  He pedaled hard!

We went down to the Ontario Place area and climbed the rocks and ate lunch.  We were with our neighbours.

We got home in the early afternoon.  We were tired but we stayed active - Dave painted (with some more "help" from the kids), and I planted our herbs.

We ordered a pizza and pasta from Goodfellas, got Q to bed early, and then watched the Blue Jays game in the backyard.  (E was playing video games outside at the neighbour's house).

Sunday was another lovely day.  I did some cleaning while Dave did more painting.  We picked up some lunch at The Dark Horse's patio BBQ.

And then I took the kids to the playground.

I took a few photos of our backyard for yesterday's post.

We had an easy supper of chicken fingers and coleslaw.  The boys got cleaned up and in bed at a decent time, but Dave and I stayed up too late watching our recorded shows - Handmaid's Tale and SNL.

I think the nice weather may be hear to stay! It certainly does make things more fun. 

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  1. I just wrote my July goals post for tomorrow and I put family bike rides on the list. Rachel desperately wants to go for them and I'd rather walk. I wish we had somewhere fun to bike like the Lakeshore.