Thursday, May 27, 2021

Monthly Musings


1) Favourite summer tradition?
We don't have any set traditions but things we always try to do - bike riding, swimming, ice cream cones, Blue Jays games, Canada's Wonderland, golf, picnic lunches, washer toss, and camping.

2) Any vacation plans this summer?
We have four camping trips planned, so hopefully the provincial parks will be open soon so we can go on those trips.  We don't have anything else "planned".

3) Ocean, pool or lake?
Ocean is my top pick, but as long as I can go swimming, I'm happy at any location. 

4) Favourite summer fashion item?
Sundresses - stylish and cool for work and going out.

5) Favourite summer recipe?
Strawberry pie (see my recipe here). 

6) Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?
That is a tough choice, both are so good, but I'll have to go with blueberry pie since we rarely have the right blueberries to make this one (the wild ones), so it is a real treat when we do have it. 

7) What couldn't you do in 2020 that you can now do this summer?
Haha, nothing.  This summer will be pretty much exactly the same as last summer, welcome to Ontario.

8) Favourite sunscreen?
I'm a bit of a sunscreen snob.  The only one I buy is Ombrelle.  Dave and E like the spray but I only use the lotion, I don't think the spray is good enough for proper coverage. I did some research a few years ago and spent what felt like hours standing in the drugstore trying to figure out the best one. I did not document my findings but I know I chose the Ombrelle brand and I've used that one since then.  I did have a free bottle of Beauty Counter sunscreen that we took to Hawaii when we went in the ocean since it is the reef-friendly kind. I have also bought the Aveeno brand in the past when Q was younger and I wanted more of a "baby" version.  

9) Favourite summer beverage - with or without alcohol?
With alcohol - gin and tonic.  Without alcohol - fizzy lemonade.

10) Do you have a garden this year? Flowers? Veggies? Both?
We have some potted plants - flowers and herbs - but not a garden.

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  1. Question 7 is clearly not a Canadian question because yeah, I'm not sure our summer will look much different! It's too soon to tell. I can't wait to get back to a normal summer. And I'm going to check out Ombrelle sunscreen.

  2. Thanks for linking up with Holly and me. I will check out that sunscreen.


  3. Strawberry pie sounds delicious! I have never had any form of strawberry pie.

  4. Thanks for linking up- your strawberry pie sounds amazing- hope you get those camping trips in!

  5. I hope you get to take some trips and I love a strawberry pie!