Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

 What we're eating this week..

Sunday - Chicken, green beans, and potato salad from this Food Box
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Tacos
Wednesday - Grilled Chicken Greek Bowls
Thursday - Order
Friday - Burgers
Saturday - Not sure yet

What I'm reminiscing about...
We celebrated our wedding anniversary on Sunday so I was thinking of that time of course.  It's one of those things that feels like yesterday but also a million years ago, you know?

What I'm loving...
Vaccine rates are going up!! I'm so encouraged by all of the happy photos of people getting their shot.  I still can't believe we have a vaccine (several in fact) and I am grateful.  What would our lives look like if we didn't have the vaccine option? 

What we've been up to...
Riding bikes! Q is really good even though he can't go for a long distance, but he can still fit in the bike trailer so we can still go out as a family.  I also like hopping on my bike to do a quick errand.

What I'm dreading...
Dread is a strong word so I'll just say I'm not looking forward to the construction scheduled for our street.  They are replacing water mains/sewers, and it will mean the whole road is ripped up, and may include the front part of our lawn. We will have to move the sprinkler system and then deal with new sod again.  At least the activity on the street will be some excitement for the kids to watch. 

What I'm working on...
Keeping the kids engaged in school until the end of the year, only a few more weeks.  There is talk about going back to school for a couple of weeks and I don't really know what the point would be.  I'd be fine for a few days just so they could see their friends and hang out, but we'll see.  E's teacher reminded us it is report card season so it's still important to get work done. 

What I'm excited about...

I'm hoping that it will be the end of the pollen and oak tree droppings soon.  Our backyard is a mess all of the time, and you can't leave any cushions out or they are covered in yellow.  I just want to sit outside without having to clean up first.  

What I'm wearing...
Nothing exciting - shorts and t-shirts.  I ordered a new pair of running shoes so hopefully I get those soon.  My old ones have been around for several years so it was well past due for an upgrade.  I got pink ones :)

What I'm watching/reading...
We are watching the Formula 1 documentary on Netflix, The Handmaid's Tale, the NHL playoffs, Blue Jays baseball, and For All Mankind.  I'm watching the Oprah and Prince Harry series, The Me You Can't See. 

I am currently reading a book I had lying around, as I wait for some library holds to come in. 

What I'm listening to...
Justin Bieber, always coming through with the summer hits, and this year it is Peaches.  I also love that it's Bo Bichette's walk up music.

What I'm doing this weekend...
The usual - some outdoor activities, cleaning, and reading. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...
My birthday, Father's Day, the last day of school, and our first camping trip of the summer (assuming campgrounds will be open by then, fingers crossed).

What else is new...

E's piano lessons are coming to an end for this term. He has to record a video of his song for the virtual recital so he's trying to pick between two.  Although he doesn't practice much I'm still happy we signed him up for it and we'll sign him up again for next year. 

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  1. I'm impressed you've been doing piano lessons this year. We let them go this year and I'm not sure our lessons (which we get through the city) ever opened up :( Also, yes, seeing people's "I'm vaccinated!" photos are my favourite!!! I feel you on the construction pain :(

    1. We started with in person lessons in the fall but went to Zoom lessons for the winter term. Not ideal but at least he's doing something.

  2. Fun read. Wishing you all the best as you help the boys stay focused for the last month of school. And wish E "good playing" for his recital piece.

  3. I know exactly what you mean as we celebrate our anniversary this week too; in so many ways it feels like that time just flew right by.