Wednesday, May 19, 2021

How I Workout

I've had a pretty consistent working out habit since at least Christmas so I thought it was time to share what I do to stay active.  My schedule is:

Monday evening - 30 minute live Peloton followed by 45 minute Pilates class (I started this a few weeks ago, I like the live class and it just happens to be right before my Pilates class starts.)

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday morning - 60 minute cardio and weights class

Thursday morning - 4 to 6 KM run

Friday - Rest (although I'd like to fit in a quick Peloton ride or digital studio class, I seem to rarely have time on this day)

Saturday or Sunday morning before lunch (not early) - 30 minute Peloton, with the other day of the weekend being a "rest" day, I use quotes because we are still usually doing something active. 

Group Classes

I have always been a fan of group classes - I like someone else telling me what I need to do to get a good workout rather than me trying to figure it out on my own (either at the gym doing weights or a (VHS, ha!) tape, DVD, or YouTube workout).  And I like the social aspect of the group class, rather than a one-on-one trainer.  I have been been participating in Saor Studio classes for a few years (formerly Well and Tight, with classes held at the Gotta Dance studio), and they were just opening their own studio when the pandemic happened. So I've yet to workout at the studio in person but I have been checking in for the live Zoom classes and occasionally one of their recorded classes since last March.   Someday we will be back in the studio but for now, this is my set up in the basement.

Peloton Biking

We got our Peloton in mid-March and it has been a great addition to our workouts.  I mostly stick with the bike classes, and haven't dipped my toe into the rest of the library other than some stretching and core workouts.  I love Cody, Alex, Tunde, and Ben. The theme classes are really fun and I am always sweaty when I'm finished.

Outdoor Running
I have been running with a few ladies throughout the winter on Thursday mornings.  We started last summer with a Saor Studio group that started with a short 20 minute workout followed by a 4K run.  After outdoor fitness classes were stopped for one of the various lockdown orders, we kept meeting up just to run since we could keep ourselves separated and we weren't an actual organized group.  I also like running by myself sometimes when I get the chance so I can listen to music. 

Being a Parent
We often are out walking, hiking, biking, skiing, skating, swimming, golfing, playing something at the park, running up and down the stairs to get various things, cleaning, and just doing stuff around the house and yard, so that means my Apple Watch fitness goals are often filled in (although not everyday).  Everyone is happier when we are out of the house doing something active so that's how we spend our time!


  1. Wonderful! So good to have your own time! I miss going to classes, too. Great you can join others on line, as well as, on the running trail. Like you, I'm better at taking direction for what to do than doing it myself.

  2. I agree. Our family is also happier when we're out of the house being active. It's such a slog to arrive home from work and drag everyone off their screens but it's totally worth it in terms of being a mood changer.