Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday!  For those of you following along, things in Ontario are getting a little better this weekend with golf and other outdoor activities being permitted.  Dave has a tee time for Monday :) And with the continuing vaccination rates, we will have more things available to us soon.  Can't wait!! Keep it up Ontario, we'll get there!

Dave and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary this Sunday.  I posted about our wedding day last year if you're interested in seeing how we celebrated all those years ago.  We have ordered a fun food box from Culinary Adventures and will get some oysters as a treat too.  I've already been to the liquor store for some "nice" bottles of wine (meaning they cost more than $15.00, haha.

From our trip to New York in 2013.

How pretty is this tree?  I love Spring!

Q did some of his gym class outside this week.  After this he said he was sweaty and needed to go inside.  I'm hoping he will acclimatize before the weather gets too hot.

Q did a little biking after supper this week, he is doing well.

The boys were checking out the ants carrying off a small piece of E's chicken.

A few fun posts from this week:

Hope you have a nice long weekend!

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  1. I hope you dance and have a Happy Anniversary. The Book of Love is a great song. Enjoy the weekend and the lightening of restrictions.

  2. Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful weekend together.

  3. Happy (belated) anniversary! It was my and Dave's anniversary last week and we still haven't really celebrated because we still can't do anything. Ugh Covid.