Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Getting Ready for Christmas

It is often the case that I cannot wait until Halloween is over so I can turn my mind to Christmas and start getting ready.  This year I have not felt the same way.  I like doing all of the things, and I will do them, I just didn't feel like jumping into it as I have in years past.  I think part of this is that we had a very exciting couple of months with birthday celebrations and Disney World, so I'm worn out.  Plus we have a trip coming up in January so that is another thing to look forward that is not related to Christmas.

That all being said, when I was in church on Sunday, I was reminded that Christmas is not just about the presents, the parties, the food, the decorations, as great as all of those things are, but it is most importantly about the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, the Word made flesh, etc.  This time leading up to Christmas is our waiting time until we can welcome Him. When I remembered that, I felt more enthusiastic about the upcoming season.  It is a truly wondrous time to celebrate what is important.  If you're feeling like me, just focus on what Christmas actually means and why we started celebrating it in the first place.  It can give you the jump start you need into everything else.

I wrote about getting ready for Christmas day here a few years ago.  This still holds true, and with the spirit of Jesus urging me along, I'm ready to dive in!

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