Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Weekend Recap

Look who met the boys when they got home from school on Friday night!  I was late coming home, but the boys had fun with these guys.

On Friday night we ate our supper and then watched Making a Murderer.  I was up early on Saturday morning for my workout.

When I got back Dave was downstairs cleaning the basement while the boys "helped".

E had two birthday parties on Saturday so we barely saw him.  He went off to the first one with our neighbours (it was in Woodbridge at a Ninja Warrior Place).  I took Q to get a haircut.

Then we picked up some fruit and vegetables.  Q loved pushing the basket around the store and helped me pick out what we needed.

Then it was home for lunch and I made an apple pie.  E came home around 1:00 and then I drove him to the next party.  After I dropped him off I did a little shopping - some Christmas gifts, dish soap, and a Starbucks.  When I got back, Q was just getting up from his nap so we went outside to help Dave with the leaves.

Q was too busy to stop for a photo.

I picked up E from the party, and then we watched a bit of TV before going over to our neighbours' for supper.  The kids filled up on guacamole and chips before dinner (as if I've never done that!).

My pie, ready to serve.

It wasn't a late night but the kids were tired.  Dave watched the Raptor game when we got home and I finished my book China Rich Girlfriend.

I enjoyed my coffee in a Christmas mug for the first time this season and it matched my avocado toast.

We went to church, as usual.  Dave built a ski rack, E and I did some work at the table, and when Q woke up, he joined us at the table. 

We cleaned up the toys in the living room and then had a yummy dinner before calling it an early night (for the kids at least).  I went to yoga and then Dave and I watched TV. 

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