Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Weekend Recap

I had to work late on Friday night but Dave put together this lovely meal - Brussels sprouts and three cheese pasta bake.  So delicious!   We did some playing down in the basement when I got home and then Dave and I watched Making a Murderer (season 2).

We woke up to some chilly temperatures on Saturday morning and a few flurries.  We got set up to take our family photo for our Christmas card.  Dave is getting the camera ready.

For some reason the memory card decided to conk out when we went to sit on the steps, so it was back inside while we figured that out and then found a different card to use.   Note the soother, Q was less that cooperative for the photos, but we did manage to find one we could use. 

E photo shoot.

Trying to get Q as he ran by, no such luck.

Then Dave and E worked on the Legos in the basement while Q and I made a vegan broccoli soup (recipe to come later this week).

He enjoyed dumping the ingredients in and didn't burn himself on the pot.

After lunch E and I headed to Oakville for a birthday party.  I dropped him off and then did a little shopping.  I didn't buy anything for myself but got a few gifts.  Mandatory stop at Starbucks for my first holiday treats of the season - gingerbread loaf and Christmas blend coffee in a red cup.

Then back to pick up E.  I had to drag him away from this shooting game.

We had no plans for supper so we did some ordering from UberEats.  I got jerk chicken and patties from Annie's on Jane.  If you are local, Annie's is legit Jamaican food.  Q had meatballs and carrots from the freezer and joined me at the counter.

Dave and E ordered sushi, which arrived a little later than my meal.  Q was ready for round 2 of his supper and joined them for a roll and some rice.

I worked on our Christmas card and then my mom had some questions about my grandfather's rank in the war, so I went downstairs to get the stuff I have about him and then did this little tribute to share on Instagram.  E made that tissue paper poppy last year. 

On Sunday morning Dave went for a run bright and early.  I got my breakfast together and Q wanted second breakfast and ate with me at the table.  

Then we played downstairs while I meal planned for the week and put in my grocery order.  Q is trying out the old camera.

We all went to church for the Remembrance Day service.  E sang with the junior choir.

After lunch Q napped, E had a friend over to play, and I went to Bulk Barn, Costo, and to pick up my groceries at Loblaws.  We did some leaf clean up when I got back home. 

Bag Man

We had supper, watched Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I went to yoga.   

Ready to take on the week!

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