Monday, November 12, 2018

Three Things

Three things going on with each of us at the moment.

Q (Age 2)

1.  Poor Q is having a tough time being 2.  He wants to do his own thing and gets very upset with us when it's time to get his shoes and coat on.  I've had to leave him crying at school in the mornings lately, which is so unlike himself. Hopefully he can recalibrate and find things easier.

2. He is getting better at saying words and says "Thank You!" and "(You're) Welcome!". 

3.  He knows where we keep the snacks and pitas and goes to help himself when he is home; but we often have to try and convince him that we are going to be eating a meal soon and that he should wait, but if you refer to #1 above, you'll know how that goes!

E (Age 7)

1.  E got two Lego sets for his birthday and has been working away on them.  He does a pretty good job of going through the instructions on his own but occasionally needs someone to help him figure something out. 

2.  He found a new show on Netflix that he likes called Brainchild.  It's a clever little show that teaches about various themes.  We watched the social media one, that was maybe a little too old for him but still good lessons. 

3.  This week he has been obsessed with playing chess.  He learned a few years ago and played with Dave and Dave's dad, and he did the lunchtime chess club in SK.  


1.  I have had a sore throat for the last few days and lost my voice this weekend.  I was sad I could not sing at church for Remembrance Day, and I'm hoping I will be okay at work today.  Lawyers do too much a lot of talking.  

2.  I am embarking on my healthy eating regime for the next three weeks. I thought it was a good idea to adopt some better habits before the Christmas season really gets going.  Although I won't be able to do it 100%, I can keep with it on most days and at least cut out the post-dinner snacking!

3.  I'm getting ready for Christmas, slowly but surely.  I bought a few gifts on the weekend and have started inviting people to our Christmas party. 


1.  Dave ordered some wood from a live edge place the other day.  He has plans to attach it to the wall under the TV as a shelf for our cable box and router.  And he also is getting some wood to make shelves by the fireplace to store our blankets. 

2.  He set up his bike trainer in the basement and subscribed for Peloton.  They have more than just spinning classes now so he is enjoying what they have to offer. 

3.  He's also doing research on a new camera memory card and lens.  I'm glad he does things like this as I have little to no interest in doing intense internet research on such things, but I am glad when we have them.   

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  1. Heard great things about peloton! Hope you feel better and your little one gets better at being two :).we have all been there!