Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Favourites

We closed up our busy October with a bang on Halloween night.  I posted about it yesterday.  We tried out some new pumpkin designs, hung out with friends, and had our fill of chocolate and chips. 

Speaking of Halloween, I love that our Prime Minister goes trick or treating with his kids!  I know people roll their eyes at him but to have someone in office who has a personality, loves his family, likes dressing up (haha, a nod to their outfits in India), and is in a country where it is safe for him to go out like this, is lovely.

I could not resist this raccoon pillow when I saw it at Simon's last week.  Raccoons are such a part of our landscape in Toronto and this one is wearing such a lovely holiday sweater!

I saw this on Twitter last week and thought I would share it. I definitely say the things on the left column too much and need to remember to say the things on the right column more.  

It was time for a new duvet cover so we picked one up at Ikea last week. 

We also got a new light for E's room.  We like this because he can turn it on and off himself.  And I like that it is kind of dim so it makes for better bedtime lighting. 

We had fun celebrating E's birthday last weekend, I posted about that here.

Happy Friday!

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