Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cape Breton Recap

We haven't been to Cape Breton in a few years, so it was nice to finally be back there.  This year Dave's family was celebrating a family reunion so we knew we wanted to make it down.  

We started our journey in a bit of a rough spot, poor Dave was not feeling well at all and getting up at 4:00 am for a 6:00 flight (complete with 3 hour layover in Halifax) did not help matters.  E and I basically travelled by ourselves while Dave looked after himself, but we kept ourselves entertained.  

The next day, he was feeling much better and the weather was beautiful.  This is the Mira River.  

The men standing around assessing the movement of this floating dock into the water.  

The young guys looking on, this will be them in a few years. 

They got some pirate paraphernalia and took over the dock. 

Just happy to be here.

In the afternoon we went across to the other side of the Mira to visit some friends of Dave's parents.   Dave tried the paddle board and E tried the little kayak.  

Taking a rest with some chips

Later that night E and Papa (and Isabella the dog) started a fire.

The next day, the kids "found" a treasure map in bottle on the shore, so they donned their pirate outfits and headed out in the boats to find the treasure.  They had a great time!

(they were only going to the land right across here)

Lawn games for the rest of the afternoon

Redneck Sarah

Another fire that night with some blackened marshmallows.

The next morning (Friday), Dave and his parents golfed in the reunion golf tournament, so I hung out with E and Dave's sister.  We went canoeing and swimming and then E played with one of his cousins until the rain started.  We waited some of it out under the tree on some lawn chairs.  I didn't get any photos of the afternoon activities, but they involved a scavenger hunt for the kids, with recorders as the prize, a march around the land in the rain while "playing" these recorders, and a nap for me!

That evening we went to the Mira Boat Club for the official start of the reunion.  People came from all over, so I took a picture of the map where people could mark their hometowns. 

On Saturday morning we went back for the family photos.  There were over 200 people there.  The reunion is for the descendants Dave's great grandparents.  His great grandfather had two wives and ten children.  The different colours of shirts represent each of those children.  We are in the purple shirts (the Angus group), third from the right. 

In the evening, after the dinner, we went back for the fireworks.  E loved the photo booth. 

Needless to say, we were tired after the weekend and ready to go back home.  It was great to see everyone!! We enjoyed our Nova Scotian hospitality (also a pro tip for those travelling through the Halifax airport, the restaurant serves some really great fish cakes. Order them with a glass of my favourite wine, L'Acadie Blanc from the Grand Pre Winery.)

E and his buddies waiting for the luggage. 

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  1. It is nice to read about your trip to Cape Breton. I can remember some of those places. Very good pictures of you all in purple and especially E dressing up at the reunion. Lots of fun!