Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

This was a great weekend because we did absolutely nothing.  We are going away later in the week for a few days so we knew it was a good time to relax before our trip. 

On Friday night we tried out the new neighbourhood pizza place.  We have been waiting for this to open for several months and it opened this week.   The food was good and we can walk there, even better.  Then we headed home to watch the recorded Olympic Opening Ceremonies. 

On Saturday E woke up not feeling well so he spent the day on the couch, and that was just fine with me since I really just wanted to watch the Olympics all day, so that's what we did!  Halfway through the afternoon, when E was napping (which really shows he was not feeling well) I snuck outside to read outside and enjoy the cooler weather.   

I also spent the day making food for our dinner guests.  I made chicken pieces with two different rubs, corn on the cob, broccoli salad, and a lemon blueberry cake.  Everything was good and we enjoyed our company too. 

On Sunday we settled in to watch some more of the Olympics.  We did leave the house once to pick up some water shoes at Wal-mart, but otherwise didn't do too much. 

Lunch outside

E wanted to brush my hair

And when you're tired of watching the Olympics, you watch a show on the iPad with headphones.

Quiet but happy weekend. 

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  1. Love these low key weekends that have you rested for the week ahead. Happy Monday, Sarah!