Friday, July 12, 2024

Friday Favourites

I can't believe it's Friday and we will be going to pick up the kids from camp tomorrow, those 2 weeks flew by!!  We are excited to see them and hear all about it.  Last week I posted about why we send our kids to overnight camp and the top reason was to build independence.  Poor Q was sick at the beginning of this week and needed to spend some time in the health centre.  He was fine after a day, so no harm done, but another good experience for him to need to rely on people other than his parents.  Subsequent photos show he went on to have a great week. 

I made a point to sit outside this week at lunch.  On Tuesday I enjoyed a yummy bowl from iQ and people watched from their patio.

I met friends for dinner on Tuesday evening.  We went to a local spot Bellona Kitchen

More outside time - this is the courtyard at First Canadian Place.

Where I enjoyed the yummiest cookie and coffee from Maman. I love their cups.

I wrote out my two favourite Richie's non-negotiables (from Season 3 of The Bear) on my board in my office.

Yesterday I shared photos of the kids' new bathroom. 

We went out for dinner with our friends on Thursday night. We had a very delicious Greek meal at Mamakas. And then we needed a walk so we went to Bandit Brewery and then home. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

New Kids' Bathroom

 Today I wanted to show you the kids' new bathroom.  

We used to have just one bathroom upstairs and we all shared it.  We never loved the tile, and it also didn't have any drawers so we needed to use baskets to store our things.  

When we reconfigured the upstairs to add Q's new bedroom, we sectioned it into a smaller room, moved the window and sink.

The shower actually stayed the same size, and the toilet stayed in the same spot.  The previous owners had a bidet so the plumbing was already there for where we put the vanity. 

This is the new hallway, it used to lead into the bathroom, but now the hall continues on, up into Q's room, and the bathroom door is on the left.

We still need to get the window shade installed. 

The discerning eye may spot an X-wing in the mat.

I want to get some wallpaper for this wall above the tile, but that is a future project.

It's subtle, but the grout has a green tint matching the green tile on the floor.

It's great to have two washrooms upstairs, and drawers for the boys to keep their toothbrushes.  They need a few lessons on keeping it clean, but they aren't too bad!!

Tile - Centura Tile
Vanity and Countertop - Wayfair
Shower and Sink Fixtures - Home Depot
Light Fixture Above Sink - Wayfair
Mirror - Wayfair
Mat - Ruggable
Toilet - Home Depot

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Let's Look - Podcasts and Shows to Binge


Hello, happy Wednesday!  I am linking up with Shay and Erika for Let’s Look.  And today are talking about Podcasts and Shows we like to binge.  
I don’t typically have time to binge much of anything, in the traditional sense of the word.  I remember those OG days of binging when we had the 24 DVDs (remember?!), when we would literally sit on the couch for hours saying “just one more!”. Since I’m no longer in university with no kids and responsibilities, my time for shows and podcasts is a bit more limited.
But I am a consumer of podcasts and shows so here is what I enjoy:


The Bridge - This is Peter Mansbridge’s podcast (formally of the CBC). He covers current events with an emphasis on Canadian politics.  I am a faithful listener to all of the shows and he does 4 per week, so I do find it hard to keep up. Thankfully he takes a summer hiatus so I can take a little breather. 

Armchair Expert Umbrella - Dax and Monica (and David Farrier) put out several podcasts - I will always listen to Armchair Anonymous, Synced, and Flightless Bird.  And then I will listen to regular AE if I know the guest. 

The Daily - From the New York Times, I don’t listen to all of these, only the topics that interest me. It’s heavy on the American politics, of course, and I can only handle so much of that. 

The Ringer Dish - I like Tuesday’s show with Amanda Dobbins and Juliet Lipman.  They are on my wavelength when it comes to celebrity gossip and current events.  

The Rewatchables and The Big Picture - Two more podcasts in the Ringerverse. I listen to these if they are doing a movie or actor I like. Rewatchables dissects old movies, and The Big Picture talks about new movies, or focuses on one particular actor.  This week The Rewatchables did Twister which we just watched this weekend! 

Wiser Than Me - This is Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s podcast where she talks to older women, it is fabulous, I could listen to Julia talk all day and the guests are so fascinating.  I’m on the Ina Garten episode now. 

Current Shows

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - phenomenal television. 

Presumed Innocent - Not a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal but he’s good in this.

The Bear - Just the best show available right now, and it is actually a show that I want to watch again immediately.  

There are probably lots I am missing but here are a few for now!

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we went out for dinner at Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington.  We enjoyed our meal and it was fun to be out.

Then we went home and watched the Canada soccer game.

Dave got up early to golf and shortly after he left I got up for a run.  Then I watched the F1 Quali.

My friend was in town for a wedding so I drove her to the ceremony and then hung around our old neighbourhood.  I went to the Mimico library and the down to Birds and Beans for a coffee.  It was such a warm day.

That night Dave and I went to Bar Sugo for dinner.  I have been wanting to go here for many years and I was so glad we finally got to go.  It was delicious and a good vibe.

Because we got there around 6:00, we were done pretty early and got home to finish up season 4 of The Bear. 

On Sunday morning Cindy and I watched the Silverstone Race in the morning and then went to meet Dave at the golf club for lunch. 

What a beautiful day to be out on the patio.

Then we took Cindy to the airport and went home.  We both got a workout in, and then some friends stopped by for a pre-dinner drink.  
We had steak for dinner, and ate it outside with the Blue Jays game on the laptop.

A lovely somewhat quiet summer weekend. 


Monday, July 8, 2024

Sharing our Lives - Day in the Life, Summer Edition

Hello! Thank you for joining us today.  We're here on the second Monday of each months to share our lives with you via the topics listed below.  My co-hosts are: AdrienneDaraJen, and Joanne.

I love doing a Day in the Life post, and looking back at them later.  Times in our lives are so different, it is fun to see how things change. 

I documented my day last Wednesday.  I set my alarm for 6:15 and got up to have a quick shower.  I did not wash my hair and it was pretty good from the night before so I didn’t need to straighten it either.  I put on my makeup and then went downstairs.

I prepared my AG1 and drank that while I made coffee and got my breakfast and lunch together.  

Wednesday is garbage day so I put the bins out - Recycling and Green Bin on this day.

Coffee, breakfast and lunch ready to go.  I made myself an egg sandwich and had leftover pasta. I find that I can’t eat breakfast immediately drinking my AG1 so I take it with me to work. 

I don’t usually go into the office on Wednesday but I had a couple of meetings that I wanted to be person for.  I biked down. 

I approached Lake Shore just as the light changed so I had time to get my phone out for a quick photo.  It was such a beautiful morning, and not humid.

And same thing when I got downtown and time to cross Lake Shore again. 

I got to my office and got changed and then went into the boardroom for a meeting. 

At lunch I popped over to Sephora to get some new powder. 

I also picked up a muffin to have with my afternoon coffee, but it wasn’t great so I threw out half of it. 

In the afternoon I checked to see new photos of the kids at camp.  They looked like they were having fun.

I marked up the map of our Timmins office for the outdoor party we having there later in the summer.  

Time to pack up and go home. With the kids away I don’t need to rush home for any particular time

Dave was golfing so I made some coleslaw and chicken fingers for my dinner.  I put the cabbage in a colander with some salt, sugar, and vinegar for a few minutes before adding mayonnaise and grainy mustard.

Then I went out to the grocery store and liquor store. Little did I know the liquor store would be going on strike on Friday.  I got a bunch of wine but I would have bought more if I had known about the strike.

Then I watched some Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders on Netflix and had an ice cream drumstick.

Dave got home around 9:00 and we watched an episode of The Bear and had and early night.  

Thanks for joining us today.

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