Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Weekend Recap

Friday was exciting, Dave and I both got new skis!  We bought our skis back when we moved to Toronto in 2008 and we bought them at a ski show.  It was time for an upgrade. We did not get new boots and poles yet, but maybe next year.

Q attended a birthday party at a skating rink so it was fun to dust off the skates and take a few turns around the rink. 

On Saturday it was back to the ski hill.  It was cold that day, but the snow was pretty great. I joked that the amazing conditions came with the new skis! :)

E with some of his buddies at lunch.

See how my new skis match my outfit, this was a prime consideration when picking them out.

Dave’s skis also go with his jacket.

Q had a t-ball assessment that evening so we left as soon as race training was over. 

The assessment was pretty quick. He was cracking the ball off the tee, ready for summer!

On Sunday morning we dropped E and Dave at The Heights for E’s race and then Q and I went to our regular hill for Skidaddle, a fun race for the U8s and U10s. The kids could dress in costumes.

A few practice runs before the race.

I was volunteering with coat running and it was a bit hectic get up and down the hill and trying to catch Q’s runs. And I didn’t manage to get any photos. All in all it was a fun day for the kids.  Q finished 9th in his age group.

Podium dreams.

Meanwhile E had a great day for racing too. He placed 23rd out of 40 racers.  

The snow is hanging in there although ski season is nearing an end.  It’s definitely a lot of work to go up and back on both days in the weekend, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 


Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday Favourites

We are flying through February, it's the last Friday of the month!

We had some friends over for supper midweek.  The kids enjoyed their burgers and fries at the counter.  We are going to Mt. Tremblant for March Break with this family (and others) for March Break so we chatted about plans for that trip.

I took E to swimming this week and snapped a photo while we were waiting.  He said "you can't take pictures at the pool!" But I said it was okay since he was the only one in it.

Dave returned from his golf trip he was on last week.  He had a great time with some old friends.

On Wednesday I shared photos of our new living room.

I finally finished Derry Girls.  I loved it.  The characters are so funny with amazing Derry accents and sayings (that I sometimes need subtitles to understand) and it has music from the '90s sprinkled throughout (who doesn't love Dreams by The Cranberries), and is quite touching at times as it relates to the Troubles. I'll be watching this again.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

New Living Room

Today I wanted to show you our new living room.  

This is the before.



A room full of trim.

And the finished room (pre-furniture).  We opened up the two entries into this room, they had previously been the size of double doors, but we took out the doors and moved the walls out and up.  It really has an impact on the feel of the room.

Come on in to our cozy living room.  We actually like hanging out in here now.

We still need to buy a few more decorative items, something for the mantle, top of the piano, and the walls. We may add a coffee table but we aren't sure what we want yet.  I am sort of leaning towards no coffee table, as I like the open path to the couch. 

If anyone is interested:

Hardwood Flooring - AA Floors 
Fireplace - Marsh
Fireplace Tile - Centura
Mantle - Wayfair
Rug - Ruggable
Leather Chairs - Crate and Barrel
Couch - Crate and Barrel
Blue Chair and Ottoman - Monte (old, from when E was born)
Side Tables - Article
Lamps - Article
Painting - Souvenir from Peru, framed at Frame It on Bloor
Pillow - Homesense

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Weekend Recap

We had a long weekend here, a holiday Monday for Family Day.  The kids also had no school on Friday.  Q went to the YMCA for the morning but then I picked him up mid-afternoon so he could have a friend over. They finally got out to use the sleds.  E had been outside all day with his friends so by this time he was inside.

He also had a friend over, and he stayed for supper.  We ordered from Pizzaiolo, it was good!

Dave was away this weekend, so it was just me and the boys up at the ski hill. I skied with our friend Gayle all Saturday morning.  It was cold but the snow conditions were pretty great.

This was our afternoon crew.

When we go home I had to change the batteries in the smoke detector because it was beeping.  And I had filled up the windshield washer fluid.  Look at me adulting without Dave around!! Haha.

We rested on the couch for a bit and then I made macaroni and cheese for supper.

Then I set up the laptop in our room and we watched a movie upstairs.  It made getting to bed afterwards easier.

We left early for skiing on Sunday morning because snow was expected.  It did snow but the roads were fine.

This is Q with one of his buddies.

Leftover pizza and leftover macaroni and cheese when we got home.  Do I look tired after two days of solo parenting on the hill!?!  It was early to bed for me.

On Monday we got to sleep in and take it easy in the morning.  The boys watched a few movies and I did some puzzles (crossword and jigsaw) but also vacuumed and did laundry. 

We went to Tim Horton's for lunch.

And then a walk in High Park.

As usual these kids did not want to leave the house, but then did not want to get back in the car to go home.

I wanted to go out for dinner.  There were a few places that were closed (since Monday is their usual night to be closed, even though it was a holiday) so we ended up at the Crooked Cue.

Then home for a somewhat early bedtime.