Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Let's Look - Medicine Cabinet


I feel like today's topic, let's look at what's in our medicine cabinet", is like looking at people's shopping carts - a mix of curiosity, judgement, and inspiration.  So let's dive in.

First of all we don't have a medicine "cabinet", rather one of our hall closets is where we keep the medicine cabinet type things.  Our everyday toiletry items are kept in the bathroom. 

Top shelf usually has our extra items - shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and contact lens solution. We also have some COVID tests and a box of masks, neither of which we use that much anymore. 

Calamine lotion, children's cough syrup (I'm lucky I had bought a couple of bottles before the major shortage, still ongoing by the way), children's and adult Bendryl, Gaviscon, eye drops, nasal spray, Advil Cold and Sinus, Vicks, digital thermometer, and a nasal rinse (which does a great job when you are stuffed up).

Band-aids (must be the Wet Flex version), peroxide, Pepto Bismal, Advil, Bendryl cream, Compound W (I have burned warts off both of the kids before, this does work), Polysporin, dental floss, alcohol wipes, Claritin, and nail polish remover.

One little bin has travel sized shampoo and stuff, and the white one has extra toothbrushes, and brush heads.  Then we had some extra cough drops (always black Halls for me), sunscreen, bug spray, and Q-tips.

Then I have all of my various travel bags and our rarely used iron.  And extra toilet paper and few cleaning supplies.  I usually have a full set of cleaning supplies for each bathroom but I recently ran out and I need to replenish. 

Can't wait to see what other people have!!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Weekend Recap

I drove Q to school on Friday morning and the temperature was -17.  But the kids were bundled up and they were fine.  I got to go right home to drink hot coffee in my sweater and slippers so I didn't mind at all!

We went over to our neighbours' for dinner on Friday night.  Nice to chat while the kids played in the basement. 

Saturday morning came early and we set out for skiing.  Unfortunately part of the highway was closed, but we detoured onto the country roads.  A very cold wintry morning.

The temperature said -19 when we arrived.  It wasn't that bad when we started out, and we got a lot of skiing in, the cold temperatures kept others away so we never had to wait in any long lift lines. 

Q tried using his poles and did really well. If he's going to do the race program next year we thought he should get used to them. 

A successful day on the slopes.

Dave was helping to take down the race gates and fences so we waited for him inside.

E wanted to throw the hand warmer at me while I took the photo so this is the result.

The drive home went much smoother. We stopped in at the carwash when we got home.

Tacos for supper and then we watched Wakanda Forever. 

On Sunday morning Dave and Q stayed home while I took E to his race at The Heights. 

The temperatures were much warmer.

E had two good races and he looked great in his new race suit. 

These boys were pretending to be sad they didn't win.

We made some cocktails before supper.  These are Negronis.

And that may be the end of our cold temperatures, all two days of them!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Facial Care Products I Like

I have never been good at getting into much of a "routine".  I start out okay, but then I'll skip a day or two because I'm tired or I had a shower at a different time of day or I just forget and then I get out of the habit. Recently I did get a few new products and I just try to use them as much as I can remember without worrying about being perfect.  I also don't expect them to make any sort of sweeping changes to my appearance, but I do find it's a bit of luxury.

The lineup:

Facewash from Tula.  I only use this once a day, and usually just if I've been wearing makeup or sunscreen.  It is enough to remove my makeup and I have a little cloth my mom got me from Norwex especially for removing makeup.  When I wake up in the morning I just splash cold water on my face.

I like this rosewater spray, but I don't see it for sale anymore.

Vitamin C Drops.  This is next.  Two drops is all you use.

Eye Cream is next.

And last but not lease the Cream for my whole face.  I've been using this brand for years but Tula makes a face cream so I may go all in on that brand and get that when I need to replenish. 

I use this Exfoliating Scrub every few days.  

I think all of the influencers were promoting this Lip Mask last year but I will just say I picked it up on my own accord after browsing Sephora and not finding the brand I used to use.  So there! Haha.

I have had this Jade Roller for a few years but sort of forgot about it.  Then I saw something on Facebook or something that had this special tool for getting rid of saggy eye skin and it looked very similar to this roller that I already have, so I dusted it off (literally) and thought I'd try using it again.

I highly recommend these products, they are mid-range in terms of price, but all very nice. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday Favourites


The weather finally turned cold this week so I was able to wear my new mittens I got for myself at Aritzia after Christmas. They are like puffy coats for your hands. I had to get the white ones, and am trying very hard to keep them clean (and they are machine washable).  Highly recommend these mittens.

Earlier this week I posted about what's on my desk.  A few people commented about my view so I took a photo of that view unobstructed by my monitor.  I love being in the city.

I made one of my favourite soups for supper this week, Lemony Lentil.  Unfortunately my family doesn't share my penchant for soup but I enjoyed it!!

Q had the bread and cheese only, as he didn't care for the soup (although he did try it!).

Dave has a new hobby, ski tuning.  The race club had a clinic last week to show people how to do the tuning and waxing and why it is important, and Dave thought he would get all of the components and do it himself rather than having to take it into the ski store.  He's starting out with mine and then will move onto the important ones, E's race skis.

I haven't been going to choir practice since Christmas as was going to be missing every Sunday for January and February.  I'll head back to practice in the next couple of weeks and get ready for Easter.  Anyway, one of the ladies from the choir sent me an email this week to say I was missed and they were looking forward to me coming back.  Isn't that nice? Just a reminder that if you have a passing kind thought about someone, send them a quick note, it will be appreciated. 

Have a great weekend! Stay warm.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

What's on my desk

 This is my desk at my office.  I go into the office three days a week and work from home the other two days.  I like that I get to do both.  

I have an extra monitor, a space heater under my desk, a plant, and a nice view. 

My vitamins that I need to leave out so I remember to take them, a lip pencil (with sharpener), and lip gloss. 

A pretty water bottle with my mug of pens and highlighters.

And the newest edition, my Puffy Shirt Jerry "But I don't want to be a pirate" Funko Pop.

I usually tidy up my desk before I go home, and that was a habit I had even before I used to be in the office five days a week.  I have a little closet too where I keep a few pairs of shoes and a blazer.  I have a couple of small bags in case I need to do some errands or attend a meeting so I don't need to bring my backpack with me. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Weekend Recap

 A very winter weekend for us.  On Friday Q got his first skating badge.

When we got home from skating Dave was already halfway through making our pizzas.  We haven't done Pizza Night for awhile, so it was nice to have it back.

After supper everyone helped get ready for skiing the next day, and then Dave and I watched The Banshees of Inisherin.  I love Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson so it was a big two thumbs up from me. 

We got going early on Saturday morning.  It was just a regular race training day for E, while Dave volunteered to put up the netting for the next day's race course (the U14s, not E's group), while Q and I skied together.   
E got a new (to him) speed suit for racing.

Q likes to do the jumps in the terrain park and is fine to go up there alone and wait his turn.

I went to the washroom on my way in for lunch and sent Q on ahead.  E was already there and they were digging into their lunch, who needs Mom anymore anyway!?

After we finished up at the our hill, we drove to Huntsville for the night.  There were a few other ski families staying at the same hotel so we had a few hallway beers before dinner.

We had reservations at Huntsville Brewhouse for dinner, just a few minutes from our hotel.

Working on a word search.

E's race the next day was at Hidden Valley.  It was a winter wonderland out there with fresh snow and flurries all morning. 

Ready to race!

Meeting up with his group.

Great day for skiing!

These littles were ready to hit the "glades".

Racers at the top of the hill.  Each racer did two runs.   We watched E's first run from the bottom, and his second run from the sidelines in the middle of the course.  He managed to shave about 2.5 seconds off his time for his second run, and ended up mid-pack.  A very successful race with about 70 boys.

Q going through the woods (or the aforementioned glades).

We expected a long drive home given the snow and Hwy 400 always being a bit of a mess on Sunday afternoons, but it wasn't bad.  Q did hit the hay as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot.

Meanwhile E played DJ.

We got home, shovelled our driveway, emptied the car, did the dishes, put away all of the ski stuff, and then settled in for the dinner we pre-ordered on our way home. 

Showers for all, a bit of iPad/TV time, but early to bed.