Monday, March 18, 2024

Quebec Trip Recap - Part 1

Disclaimer: none of these photos are edited.  Seriously though, as someone who loves the Royal Family and internet conspiracies, I have been riveted by the Kate Middleton story.  Most of my free time on this trip was spent reading Twitter, Reddit, and watching Tik Tok reels (shared through Instagram like any self-respecting elder millennial).  But anyway, onto the post.

We set out for Mont Tremblant Quebec last Saturday for our March Break holiday.  For the last two years, we went to the Eastern Townships of Quebec to ski but this year we wanted to try something new.  We thought about Vermont or New York State but with the mild winter we weren't sure if they would have snow.  We thought Quebec would not let us down, and we were right.  Although the week before had been quite mild with diminishing snow, we ended up with fresh snow on the first two days of our trip that set us up for a great week. 

We stopped at Tim Horton's on our drive and the kids got the fancy Easter doughnuts.

We stayed at Le Grand Lodge.  We had a very comfortable suite with kitchenette, two bathrooms, and a Murphy bed and pull out couch in the living room.

View of Lac Ouimet from our room.

We knew several other families staying at this same hotel so there were lots of friends for the kids to hang out with.  They had a video game room that they found quickly. 

Our first evening we hung out at the lobby bar and enjoyed a few local brews.

Checking on our skis in the storage room.  All ready for the next day.

The hotel has a shuttle that dropped us right at the ski hill.  The first shuttle is at 8:00 and we made it for that time every day.  It was snowing, a March Break miracle!

Taking the Cabriolet up from the shuttle bus stop to the base of the mountain.

We could not believe the fresh snow at the top of the hill!  It was so nice and powdery, we were glad to have our new skis.

Lots of friends to ski with. 

We were excited to get into the hot tub at the hotel at the end of the day.  We ate supper and the kids played cards, while we watched the Oscars.

On Monday morning we were back at it.  It was snowing and windy at the top of the mountain. 

Michelle and I did some runs together and were laughing as we battled the wind down one of the runs. 

Lunch views from the summit chalet.

We mostly ate lunch at the top of the mountain in the cafeteria.  

On this day we went down to the village to sit on a patio.  The sun was peeking through and it was very pleasant down there.  The kids played some soccer in their ski boots.

 The kids played a couple of games in the lobby before we went back upstairs to hang out with the other families.

We had two very successful first days on the hill.   We had challenging conditions on the first day with all of the fresh snow, and my legs were killing me on the second day, but we powered through.   The kids on the other hand do just fine, bouncing through the moguls. 

Check back for Part 2 tomorrow. 


  1. Your March Break weather was so different from ours!!! I'm so glad you had great snow though. Those are some of the most winter looking photos I've seen all season so I think they *must* be edited! Hahahaha!!! I haven't followed the Kate Middleton scandal at all (other than reading one article on CBC) so I'm a little clueless...

  2. I have been so intrigued by the whole where is Kate Middleton mystery too! The other day I couldn't stop watching all those reels and reading conspiracy theories. Where is she???? Anyway, I loved seeing your amazing non edited photos of your trip! Haha! You guys have so much snow over there and it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Now onto part 2

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful ski trip!