Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Weekend Recap

Last week I was in Timmins for work.  I flew home early on Friday morning. It was -25 degrees C that morning!! 

After I got home Dave and I walked up to get lunch at the shawarma place and had to get baklava as a treat.  It is so tasty!

 It was the official last weekend of the ski race season.  Everyone in the club, and any parents who wanted to, participated in a fun race.  Both kids did well!  It was also fun to see the FIS (top level) racers, they are so good!

Beavertails for everyone!

Some parents took photos of the kids while they were racing, they look pretty good!!

We stuck around for some of the awards. There is Q in the front with his buddies.

Then we headed over to our hotel for a break before the banquet that night.  The kids spent some time in the pool and hot tub and then we got dressed to go back to the club for dinner.

The theme was camo and we managed to find a few items to wear.

Had a great winter hanging out with these folks.

Sunday was the last day of training.  It was so foggy!

In the morning they had set up a little course for the parents to race the kids.  Dave raced E but Q wasn't around.  I waited at the bottom.  I was admiring my new skis again.

Taking a break for lunch. Pikachu is eating an Oreo.

We were happy to go home as soon as the kids had finished up with their groups. We got things tidied up and then watched some curling and the F1 race from the day before.  Both kids were pretty tired so they were in bed before 9:00 and after one quick episode of Fargo, Dave and I were in bed before 10:00.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great ski season and the action shots look amazing. Winter sounds so much fun in Canada compared to here!