Friday, March 1, 2024

Friday Favourites - Day in the Life, Work Trip Edition

Happy Friday! 

I thought I would do something a bit different for my Friday Favourites post today.  I documented my day on Wednesday while I was away on a work trip in Timmins. I work in the mining industry and we have an office there.  

I set my alarm for 6:30. I woke up a bit before that but stayed in bed.

We were expecting a storm so I checked outside as soon as I got up, but it hadn’t started yet.

I brought my travel packs of AG1 so I mixed one up to drink while I got ready.

I stay at the Hampton Inn while I am there and they have a free breakfast.

Then I had some time before I needed to head out so I worked on my crossword puzzle. 

Then I bundled up and headed out.  The freezing ice pellets had begun!

I get a truck to drive around while I am in town.  I struggled to scrape the windshield but eventually got it cleared off so it was safe to drive.

 Check the temperatures, -18 degrees C.

My office for the week.

Outside the snow was coming down.  I checked mid-morning to see how it was going.

I had a muffin with peanut butter for a little snack. I never eat "regular" peanut butter, it was a yummy treat!  I was also checking to see how the ski hill was doing with the warm temperatures.

I was in town so I could have some one-on-one meetings with various people to work on an operational risk matrix.  I had to move a few meetings around on this day since some people stayed home due to the weather.  But I had lots of other things to keep me busy.
I had thought ahead the day before and already purchased lunch and left it in the fridge overnight so I wouldn’t have to go out at noon. I had a kale salad and some cheese bread.

Using my camera app to check my teeth for kale.

I left the office to drive to our maintenance facility for another meeting.  It’s still snowing but blowing snow so the truck was mostly cleared of and I only had to do one side.

But I got covered in snow! I had not brought my big parka, which was still the right choice, but I was missing it for the few minutes I was out clearing the truck off.

After that meeting I went back to the hotel to do a bit more work.  Then I walked across the parking lot to Boston Pizza for supper.  It’s over there, behind the snow banks.

Local craft brew.

I got back to the hotel for 7:00 to attend a Lenten discussion on Zoom.

And then I got ready for bed and watched Hunger Games before falling asleep relatively early.


  1. I love this perspective! I never thought about how every single meal would have to be eaten out/bought for a work trip. I would think that would get old fast. And I get annoyed clearing off our tiny Matrix in the winter -- scraping that truck windshield every day would annoy me so quickly.

  2. Oh that sounds cold... what a fun idea for a day in the life post though. It sounds pretty productive despite the miserable weather.

  3. I loved reading about your work trip. I can't believe how cold it gets over there, -18ºC almost made me shiver over here in the heat!! The Boston pizza looks so good! I had to laugh while I was reading because my cousin and I have a funny story about Boston Pizza. Years ago we both went to Hawaii and we were determined to eat Boston Pizza. But we were staying with family and they fed us so much that we were never hungry enough to go! Then one day we made a plan to discreetly not eat much and walk to Boston Pizza which was about 20 minutes away. We got about halfway there when a family member spotted us from his car and offered us a lift home. We're both determined to get there one day, it's on our bucket list!!

  4. What a fab post. I love reading about people's days.
    Brr! It looks like a really cold day! I complain about it over here when it's only a few degrees but that is nothing compared to -18. Good thinking about buying your lunch in advance.