Thursday, February 29, 2024

Monthly Musings

Linking up with Patty and Holly.

1. What do you do in the winter that brings you joy?
Piling in the car to go skiing each weekend. We have our little routine of juice/coffee and breakfast sandwiches enjoyed in the car and music playlists for everyone.  On the way home, we sometimes stop for Tim Horton's and Q may nap.  I know these are core memories for the kids and I love having this time together. 

2. How do you stay warm and cozy?
Dressing for the weather.  A cozy Barefoot Dreams scarf, a toque, and Artizia down mittens, along with a warm coat and boots. 

3. What are you looking forward to this winter?
This year I was happy to be enjoying our new living room - insulated, no draughty floors, a warm fire and a comfortable couch. 

4. Favourite wintertime activities?
Downhill skiing. 

5. Favourite months of winter?
December. The first snow brings such excitement, the Christmas lights made the darkening evenings more tolerable, and cozy winter foods start making an appearance.

6. Favourite dishes to make in winter?
Beef stew, turkey dinner, chili.

7.  Gas or wood burning fireplace?
We have two gas fireplaces, but nothing is better than a wood burning fire, especially if it's outside.  

8. Favourite winter hot beverage?
I really only drink coffee as a hot beverage.  But when I am not feeling well, I enjoy a hot water with lemon, honey, ginger, and whiskey.

9.  Favourite winter movies?
The Hunger Games movies

10.  How do you stay healthy in winter?
We get our annual flu shots, and now COVID booster.  We make sure we get enough rest.  And we use a humidifier at night.  This year hasn't been very cold out and I think that has resulted in less illness as well.

As a bonus, a few weeks ago I wrote into one of the favourite podcasts, The Bridge with Peter Mansbridge, to answer the question "What is your favourite thing about winter in Canada?".  This is my response:

Someone else's letter that I have been thinking about a lot said their favourite thing about winter in Canada is that we just got on with our lives despite the cold and snow.  And yes, there are times when the snow is too much and people are storm-stayed, but mostly we go about our lives, going to work and school, doing errands, etc. driving carefully with snow tires, dressing for the weather, and taking up winter hobbies. 



  1. I love all your answers, but I especially like your last sentence. I know I complain about not loving winter but I hope I do "get on with it" and make the best of it, despite it not being my favourite season. And I can see why your living room would be a favourite this year!!!

  2. I love a room refresh and it sounds like the perfect time of year for your living room!

  3. Oh I bet that new, warm, draft-free living room feels great! I know you boys are going to have such wonderful skiing memories.

  4. I love Barefoot Dreams as well amd a hot toddy as you described. Thanks for joining us!

  5. I love your answer to the last question. Thirty years later I'm still surprised at times by how things seem more likely to grind to a halt in the US when there is snow, when I don't remember it ever stopping us from getting on with our day my first twenty-five years of life in Canada.

  6. I use a humidifier at night too & it is a lifesaver!