Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Weekend Recap

E and I kicked off our weekend with something a little out of the ordinary.   We attended a production of The Gondoliers, a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera.  I don't often go to any sort of live theatre or musical event but on the odd occasion I do go out to something, I am usually glad I did.  And I had the added bonus of leaving the house after dark!  I decided to get tickets to this because the tenor lead from our church choir had the role of the one of the Gondoliers.  I know how talented he is so I knew it would be a good show. Since E likes musicals (Mary Poppins, Come From Away, etc.) I thought it would be nice to take him (Dave politely declined when I made sure to ask him first). 

Short subway trip, games permitted. 

For once I didn't exactly know where we would end up for dinner, but we ended up at The Federal for some nachos.

Then we headed over to the venue and took our seats.

I wasn't expecting the live orchestra so that was fun, and we were seated across from the percussionist and I enjoyed watching her contributions with the triangle and various drums.

It was a late night so we Ubered home and got right into bed.

We were met with blue skies on Saturday morning at the ski hill.  The day started out cold but we were treated (?) to spring skiing conditions in the afternoon.

We have had so many grey days, I had to capture several photos of the blue sky.

I still like to bundle up even when it is warm. 

We had a potluck for Q's age group. We brough our Switch with us so Q could play with some of his friends.

On Sunday morning we divided and conquered.  Dave dropped me and E off at The Heights for a race while he and Q continued onto Moonstone for regular training day for Q. Chaos while the teams got ready.

E's friend helped him with his lift ticket.

Ready to go!

The race was a few minutes walk from the chalet so I hiked down there to watch. 

It wasn't exactly sunny but bright enough I thought I should wear my sunglasses.

The team ready to race.

I had brought a juice and granola bar with me for E between his runs.

After the races I sat in the chalet with the other parents for lunch and a beer while the kids skied. These boys did not qualify for the podium but they still climbed up for a photo op after the awards ceremony. They are winners in our hearts!

Cool kid.  We were waiting for Dave and Q to come back and get us.

When we got home, we tried to fix the oven with the parts Dave had ordered, but we were unsuccessful (therefore a new oven is on its way, whomp whomp, add it to the renovation budget I guess!).  Then Dave made smash burgers for supper (the stove was still working).  This was one of those instances where the preparation time was inversely proportionate to the actual eating time, but it was worth it! They were so delicious, and I did try to savour mine as long as I could.

After supper we did some music practice (E) and reading (Q) and then watched a bit of TV. 

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