Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Weekend Recap

 On Friday I headed to Oakville to meet someone for lunch at Sotto Sotto.  It was so good!  Then I had a meeting at 2:30 so instead of rushing back home, I just set up at a Starbucks.

Dave was making salmon tacos for supper when I got home.  After supper we settled into our new living room.  Dave talked on the phone and I read a book and did my crossword puzzle.

On Saturday morning we were wondering what the ski conditions would be like.  Friday had been very warm and it looked like it would be warm on Saturday as well.  Ultimately though it was a great day for skiing, the temperature never got above 3 at the hill and the sun didn't come out so the snow didn't get too soupy. 

The sky was so pretty on the way, but of course the photo doesn't really capture it.

We saw E's group at the top of the hill getting ready for their day.

We enjoyed this amazing snack I had picked up the day before.  

In the afternoon we ran into Q getting ready for the ski cross track.

haha, and he's down!  He sort of flopped down like this on purpose.

We did a few runs after the kids' sessions, and we boarded the lift with our friends.  I almost got everyone in!

We also decided to treat the kids to a Beaver Tail before hitting the road.

As it was Lunar New Year, we had our own version of  fried rice and some dumplings. 

For some reason we were challenging each other to do push-ups and Q thought Dave should do his with a little extra weight.

It was another mild day on Sunday but still good ski conditions, and actually much better than the day before.

We hustled home after skiing so we could get ready for the Super Bowl.  We printed off some Super Bowl Bingo cards and made some side bets with Monopoly money.   No one won the Bingo, but Q won the bets.

Settling in.

We had nachos and even though I made the fatal error of buying light cheese (!! I know!) they were pretty good, and filling enough that we didn't even end up eating the wings we had made as well.

I loved Reba singing the National Anthem and the Usher halftime show, I totally called that Ludacris and Lil Jon would be there.  We were watching for Taylor but she wasn't our main focus.  I found the overtime hard to stay awake for, but ultimately was happy the Chiefs won.

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  1. What a fun weekend! Your snacks sound delicious and it has two of my favourite ingredients, pecan and coconut! I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the nachos because when I read 'light cheese' I almost groaned out loud! I totally get it!!