Monday, February 5, 2024

Weekly Routines

 Here are the things that I do on a weekly basis:

Meal Plan and Groceries - I'm better at doing this during the months we are not skiing since right now I don't have as much time to sit with cookbooks and Pinterest to put together some worthwhile meals.  I like to go to the grocery store but I also frequently do a grocery order for pick up.   Lately I feel like we have been cobbling together meals on the fly, and how can we really live like this?! Haha.  It's fine for now. 

Laundry - I tend to all of the laundry on the same day, rather than throughout the week, usually on Friday when I'm working from home. I find it difficult to actually fold it all and put it away. 

Order School Lunches - The kids have pizza day on the first Wednesday of each month and the option for a delivered lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I order these on a week by week basis since they don't always need to have a purchased lunch, or maybe E has plans to get something with his friends. 

Clean my mouth guard - I have the Polident for retainers and I like to soak mine on Sunday night.  It always feels good to have it so fresh.

Review the calendar of the week ahead - This is done as a family so everyone understands what is required of them.  Currently we have both kids in swimming (on different nights), Q is doing baseball, and E has guitar.  I have choir practice one night, and Dave likes to book a time at the golf simulator.  

Empty all the garbages - The recycling and organics bin seem to be emptied on a more regular basis, but on Tuesday (before waste collection day on Wednesday) I will go around and empty all of the garbages around the house.  We have garbage pick up every other week (alternating with recycling) but I will still do the garbage even on a recycling week.

Set up my blog posts for the week - I usually set up the four or five posts I'm planning for the week, schedule the days for them to post, and add any graphics that I need.  This just gets my brain working on thinking of content so as the week progresses I just need to fill them in.

Workouts -  I like to look at the Peloton schedule to see what fun classes are coming up, or which ones I've missed and them figure out how to fit them into my week.

Things I wish I did a bit better at doing on a more frequent basis: cleaning everything in the house, applying a hair masque and face scrub, telling the kids to tidy their rooms, and prepping food to make it easier to grab throughout the week. 


  1. We need to figure out a weekly cleaning schedule... Ugh. And I'm so happy that Sam now does all our garbage and recycling. We empty everything every week too, even though garbage is only every other week. And yes, laundry is never ending around here but, since we hang everything, I can't get it all done in one day. I've discovered listening to an interesting podcast (where I only listen when I fold laundry) helps motivate me to fold.

  2. Our garbage gets collected every week and our recycling bin every other week. Our recycling system over here is the worst and I am skeptical that it might just end up in landfill. This year I'm trying to get ahead with organising my blog posts better instead of hitting publish right before the link parties start. Your weekly routine sounds great!