Friday, February 2, 2024

Friday Favourites

Just a few favourite things to mention.
On Tuesday the subway was down so I ended up taking the GO train downtown instead.  I was delayed in getting to work but I looked on the bright side and appreciated the graffiti art all along the track.  The photo I snapped was actually before the really great works of art showed up.  It's neat because the only place you can see it is from the train.

Dave's parents were in town briefly and we headed up to Queen Margherita Pizza one night.  I tried a new pizza, La Scala, and it was really tasty.

Since we got our new closet with drawers especially for my jewelry, I have been able to actually see what I own and wear it.  I had forgotten about some of these things, like this necklace.

The Big Picture Podcast did an episode of Philip Seymour Hoffman this week, as it is the 10th anniversary of his death today. It was a great listen and I realized I haven't seen enough PSH movies. 

My grandfather flew in a Lancaster Bomber for the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II.  There is a documentary on Netflix called Lancaster.  It is worth the watch anyway, but I especially liked it because I could see the actual inside of the plane, and where the navigator (my Papa) sat.  They speak to mostly people from the RAF but there are a few from Canada, Australia and New Zealand (and one from Jamaica) all Commonwealth countries who flew in Lancs.  This has primed us for the Apple TV show called Masters of the Air, made by the same people that did Band of Brothers. Of course it's about Americans, but they were all in these same airspace. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. That sounds like a neat documentary! I like your necklace; I often forget some of the pieces I have too.. it's so easy to lose some of the smaller, daintier things in my collection.

  2. It sounds like an interesting trip to work on Tuesday and your new closet sounds fantastic, especially if you are finding forgotten about things. That documentary sounds like a good watch. The Lancaster Bombers are amazing.

  3. That’s wonderful that you found your lovely necklace and how great to have drawers and closet space where you can find things so easily. The documentary sounds very interesting and how good to be able to see where your papa sat and be able to get some kind of idea of what it might have been like for him in the plane.

  4. I loved Band of Brothers so much! So I should see if I can check out Master of the Air.