Wednesday, February 7, 2024

New Bathroom

I am pleased to share some photos of our new bathroom.  

This is the "before" for our new ensuite - it used to be Q's room.  This was one of the catalysts for deciding to do a renovation, to create a bigger room for Q and add a bathroom. 

Some "during" photos.

And the finished product.

A controversial choice we made was to have no door on the shower.  I say controversial because everyone says "the water will go all over the floor!" But we measured it many times and proceeded on the conclusion that there was enough space within the shower and that any splashing outside would be minimal, and we were correct. We wanted minimal hardware on the shower walls. 

Close up of the tap.

I have a make up mirror with light beside my sink.

Heated towel rack on the other side.

Although the floors are not heated, the heat from the radiator makes them feel heated in the mornings. The shade is not a black-out blind, it's sheer so it still lets in lots of sunlight while maintaining privacy.  This window looks out onto the street so that's important! 

In case anyone is interested:
Tile - Centura Tile 
Shower and sink fixtures - T2H (also known as Tubs) 
Vanity - Wayfair
Light Fixtures above Sink - Wayfair 
Custom countertop - A random place near the Gardiner in Etobicoke, I can't even tell you the name I just know how to get there.
 Mirror - Wayfair
Towel rack - Wayfair
Make-up Mirror - Wayfair
Toilet - Home Depot
Shade - Lutron



  1. I love the new bathroom. It looks very nice.

  2. Yay! Thanks for the photos! I love your new bathroom it looks fantastic!! We don't have a door in the glass shower that's in our tiny ensuite either because I wanted a minimal look too. I love it and although the water does splash out a tiny bit, all I do is squeegee it back in when I'm done. I'm the only one who showers in there because the giants I live with don't fit so they use the one in the main bathroom.

  3. Stunning! I like the seamless look of the shower with no door. The touches of gold are so pretty...and heated towel rack - wow!